Facebook Post Ideas to Increase Brand Awareness in 2018

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Although I spend a lot of money on Facebook Ads, it’s organic Facebook posts that create the best engagement and long-term value. The problem is, if you don’t go about your Facebook Content Strategy in the right way, you get zero value.

And I’m afraid to say most people go about it the wrong way.

You can fix this with a quick tweak to your Facebook marketing strategy, so if you want to dominate Facebook in 2018, listen up because I want to share my personal approach (and show you how easy and inexpensive it is).

Introducing The 6 Types of Facebook Post

As you may have noticed, Facebook is a bit of a minefield. It’s packed with content, and most of it will not help you. Your audience faces the same issue, so the chances of standing out and building trust with them is slim if you do what everyone else does.

So if you want to dominate Facebook in 2018, you need to embrace these six Facebook Story Types. This Facebook marketing strategy will help you connect with your audience in a big way, and if you combine all six you will develop a super power that sets you apart from your competitors.

In this video I tell you what these 6 types of FB posts are.

If you want to own your audiences’ newsfeed, you NEED all six of these so you can become omnipresent and relevant.

This is how you stand out.

This is how you become top of mind.

This is how you transform into your industry’s “go to” expert.

Watch for yourself and see how powerful this is.

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