Goal Setting — How To Create an Entrepreneur Vision That Surpasses Your Goals

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Goal setting in 2018 is dead. A strong statement to make, I know. But it’s true.

And this is why…

Most of the time, entrepreneurs focus on how to create goals for the next year, but this approach not only doesn’t work, it actually stops you from achieving what you can do (now and in the future).

It tunnels your vision and often stops you from going after the best opportunities.

Because let’s say you create a big, single, specific goal in January, which focusses on you growing your customer base. Everything you do now and in the future must go towards this single goal. Great. You can really focus down and do only what you need to do.

Except… what if you get to June and you realise your customers don’t want what you offer. Or, what if you meet someone or come across a great opportunity that is a simple no-brainer, but takes detracts from your goal.

What do you do?

Do you stick to your goal or do you change course?

And if you change course, how does this affect the rest of your year?

This is why goals don’t work. It’s not that they are bad and that you shouldn’t have them, but you shouldn’t put all your focus into them (and your year most certainly shouldn’t centre around them). Instead, you need an entrepreneur vision that maps out the next few years (one year, three years, and five years in front), and in this video I dive into what this looks like and how you can do the same.

I figured this out through my friend Allen (who runs Best Self co), and it’s fundamentally affected my entire business (and life as a whole).

It’s not that I don’t have goals these days, because there are certain goals within the business me and my team continue to push towards. But I don’t get to January and get all excited about my yearly goal(s). You shouldn’t, either, and in this video I explain why 😉

So if you find yourself struggling with your entrepreneur goals, and you want to make sure 2018 doesn’t end like the rest of them (where you look back and wish you had done it all differently), watch this video and think about creating an entrepreneur vision instead.

This is the sort of thing we do inside The Relevancy Engine, and it’s the sort of approach to goal setting that seven-figure and eight-figure entrepreneurs use each year. So if you want to get on board and learn more, watch now >>

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