Forget All The Online Marketing Trends in 2018 You Have Heard — This is ALL You Need

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You have already hear about a lot of online marketing trends for 2018, but the truth is NONE of them will work unless you embrace this simple brand awareness strategy.

Because what go you to where you are today won’t get you to where you need to be.

And most people online talk about the same ‘stuff’ that has always worked.

They preach about FB ads and growth hacking and content marketing, as if what worked last year will work this year.

It won’t!

You need to adapt and you need to innovate, and this is what I touch on in today’s video.

Because if you want to become the “GO TO” expert in your industry in 2018, you need to be top of mind at all times. Those who will win in 2018 are those who become omnipresent and relevant. It isn’t just about creating content and sharing it, it’s about creating the right content, sharing it with the right people, at the right time.

You can do this via video, articles, your FB newsfeed, or if you really want to level-up, all of these 🙂

But the point is you need to become top of mind in 2018, and you need to be seen as the “GO TO” expert in your industry (no matter how small your niche may be).

So although I’m not saying all those online marketing trends for 2018 you’ve heard are wrong, I am saying they won’t work unless you embrace this idea of being top of mind.

And this isn’t new, by the way.

This is how the likes of Coca Cola have done it for decades. Only now it’s possible for everyone to do it (including you), because like no generation before you, you have access to a lot of relevant data.

Meaning you can create relevant content for the right people, and give it to them at the right time.

Sound good to you?

Check out today’s video and peek into this process that will blow up 2018. This is only the beginning, but don’t worry because I’ve a lot of other videos that dive deeper. You may like to check them out, because if you do… well, expect to level up in 2018 🙂

So there you have it. Forget about all those other online marketing trends 2018 … this is all you need. Be sure to watch now, and once you have, Subscribe + Like + Comment.

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