How To Design Your Life So You Don’t Become Your Business


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Design your life so you don’t become your business… this should be your number one drive right now.

It’s easy to set goals and “hustle” and work long hours each day.

What’s hard is to prioritise and design your life so you can become a true lifestyle entrepreneur.

And let’s face it, this is what you need… right?

  • You didn’t create your own business to work 18 hours days.
  • You didn’t leave your job to have less time and less freedom.
  • You didn’t jump on the entrepreneurial rollercoaster to feel more stress.

You’re doing what you’re doing so you can live a better life, and help other people do the same. You want to make a real impact, not get caught up in your business and lose track of what you’re doing.

This is so important.

It comes down to you either working in your business or “on” your business.

You need to do the latter, and you need to design your life on your terms (that includes you business).

This is what I talk about in today’s short video.

It’s all about how to design your life on your terms, and more about why you should.

It’s one I think you should watch, so scroll up and do that now 🙂

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