How to Achieve Financial Success in 2018

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If you want to know how to achieve financial success (personally, and for your business) you NEED to stop making this single financial mistake that most entrepreneurs do.

The problem is, most entrepreneurs go about it all wrong without even knowing it, which not only impacts your short term finances, but the long-term impact you and your business can have.

This issue centres around a 3-step process that most entrepreneurs go through, but YOU won’t have to after reading this article. However… before we get to that, first picture this scenario you have no doubt found yourself in many times before:

  • You’re on a sales call with someone, and you’re ready to invest in your business…
  • After illuminating your pain, the other person says it will cost you $10,000…
  • You say you will think about it and let them know tomorrow…
  • You leave the call and ask yourself whether this is a worthy investment…
  • You decide it is, but you’re not 100% sure so you check your bank balance…
  • You then check your projection sheet for how much you will make in the next 30 days…
  • Finally… you let your gut make your decision for you!


Depending how you feel on this particular day determines whether you say yes or no, and although your ‘gut’ may often be right, letting it make your decisions for you has NOTHING to do with making the “right” decision”.

And it’s this where your biggest issue lies…

In this video I dive into the 3-step process, what it is, how it works and WHY it matters to YOU 🙂

If you have vision of success and growing your business, this is something you need to learn and master.

We all do, and I know I learned the hard way.

So watch now and fast-track your success 😉

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And if you want to dive deeper into this (and much more), you may like to read this 28-page guide I’ve created for you. It shows you how to scale from 6-7 figures the right way, so grab your copy.

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Copyright © 2020 Scott Oldford. All Rights Reserved.
Copyright © 2020 Scott Oldford. All Rights Reserved.