BEWARE: You’re Being Influenced But May Not Know it

BEWARE: You're Being Influenced But May Not Know it

BEWARE: You ARE being INFLUENCED and you PERHAPS don’t even KNOW IT…

I want to tell you about how you’ve been influenced.

Here’s the deal…

But just so you know… what I’m about to tell you…
is what I help Entrepreneurs do…

Ethically manipulate and dominate the newsfeed in order to help them massively grow their business…

We all live inside of bubbles.

These bubbles, inside of history were certain cliches.
Defined by our beliefs, values along with who we are.
Which neighbourhood we are in, or what type of job we have.

And with Facebook and social media came the ability to amplify these bubbles.

Instead of these bubbles only happening at work or in social settings, now these bubbles are dominating your life, what you read on the toilet, what TV you watch.


The job of marketing and advertising and the appeal of the social media giants is that we can keep you inside of these bubbles and deliver relevant information, if we do that, we create a moment.

The “this makes sense” moment.
That moment is the most important inside of any marketers world, because…

It’s the moment when your signal gets attention and it’s at this moment that your marketing message is actually heard.

Inside of these “bubbles” we now have the ability to amplify any specific message very quickly and effectively with such small cost that we can do some interesting things inside of marketing… and consumer behaviour.

We can flood a specific market, with a specific message and make them believe it, nearly overnight.

Because no one realizes they are in a bubble.

They simply assume that everyone else is seeing the same bubble.

And because we only see our OWN newsfeed… our OWN email inbox, we never stop to understand that our emotions and behaviours are being manipulated, in real-time.

Now, I won’t say that this is all bad.
Technically, it allows for the most relevant marketing that has ever existed.

Inside of my company, this is literarly what we help people do.
Find the relevant people, that can accept your relevant message, positioning and offer…

Ensure they are in the “bubble” and then retarget them with 11 types of marketing angles that will magnetize what were once complete strangers, towards you, ensuring they do business with you.

This makes it extremely simple to become the “big” fish in a “small” pond by manipulating these “bubbles” in which we find our customers.

My customers and I do this extremely well.
Others have done it extremely well.

Including many that aren’t just trying to sell their companies products…

But rather entire messages, to a mass-group of people, changing people’s minds… and perhaps even yours, overnight.

See, we can target you, with such accuracy… with so many different content types, that after just a few weeks…

You’ll believe whatever message, someone is pushing…

Not because you’re stupid.
No, not at all.

Because you are in a bubble that has the correct underlying value and beliefs and relevancy that is required for it to be believed.

This manipulation can work in elections, in public opinion and in nearly every business marketing campaign.

What was once something that would cost hundreds of millions of dollars…

Now can cost hundreds…

And now anyone with an advertising account can do it.
Anyone with a relevant message… can become a celebrity…

Anyone with a relevant message they want to spread… can spread it, with full-on public belief overnight.

Anyone that wants to blow-up their business… can do it, overnight.

The kicker?
We can’t control if this is done for “bad” or “good”.

My answer to the question?
Help Entrepreneurs use this that are ethically making the world better.

However… beware…
You ARE being manipulated.
Ensure you “step out” of the bubble and look around from time to time.

Not just for your health…
but to see the “real” world…
not the
continue to
sell you.

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