The 5 Facebook Ad Types EVERY Entrepreneur Needs To Know About

The 5 FB Ad Types EVERY Entrepreneur Needs To Know About

I have literally built several multi-million dollar businesses on the back of Facebook advertising, and I’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs do the same.

However, I don’t consider myself a Facebook expert …

It’s an ideal platform for most businesses, but ONLY if you use it in the right way. Which I’m afraid to say few people do, because most people get all excited about all the success they can have, and focus their energy on sales, conversions and leads.

This drives me insane.

And it DOES NOT work.

It used to, sure, but there’s too much competition these days. You need to think bigger picture, which is why I built The ROI Method.

If you want to build real success in 2018 (and beyond), you need to be:

  • Relevant
  • Omnipresent
  • and Intimate

These are the foundations of the ROI Method, but I don’t want to focus on those in this article (if you want to learn more about this, click here to read a deep-dive). Instead, I want to focus only on Facebook advertising, and the 5 FB Ad Types you NEED to use if you want to get a real return on your investment.

The objectives of these 5 Facebook Ad Types are:

  1. Page Post Engagement (PPE)
  2. Reach Ads
  3. Link Clicks
  4. Video Views
  5. Conversion Ads

Most people only use one or two of these and find little success. Some of the more successful people I know use three or four, but hardly anyone uses all five.

But it’s when you use all five that the magic happens.

I’ll tell you what this magical formula looks like soon, but first, let’s dive into each FB Ad type and objective. Now, if you prefer to watch and listen, check out the video below. Otherwise, continue to read on …

To view this video on Youtube, click here (remember to Like + Comment ? )


1: Page Post Engagement (PPE)

This is the FB ad type where we begin most of our campaigns, as it sets you up for BIG success further down the road.

A PPE ad often begins life as a standard Facebook Post (text or video, usually long-form and detailed), and is then optimized and shared with the people in your audience most likely to engage through a:

  • Like
  • Share
  • or Comment

The purpose here is to build social proof before you share it with a larger audience. For instance, you may write a long-form Facebook Post (or share a video longer than 3 minutes) that builds organic traction.

You then turn this into a PPE ad, and within a few days, you generate dozens (or hundreds) of likes, shares and comments. Social proof like this is HUGE, and always leads to a popular post going viral.

For example, here’s one I did recently…


The 5 FB Ad Types EVERY Entrepreneur Needs To Know About

This was an FB post I shared about The ROI Method, and after it picked up some speed within the first few days, we created a PPE ad that drove 350+ reactions in a matter of days.

Building traction with a PPE ad like this makes your life much easier further down the road. People tend to pay attention and engage with content that other people have already engaged with. There’s just too much information out there these days, so social proof really is that important.

2: Reach Ads

Most online marketers obsess over clicks and conversions, but this massively underused FB Ad Type has an objective that focuses ONLY on reach (and how many people “see” it).

The purpose of a reach ad is to get ‘top of mind’ within a predefined audience. You don’t need to worry about clicks or links, and you definitely don’t need to focus on the number of conversions you get.

The point here is to get in front of as many of your audience as possible, so they begin to notice you, your brand and your presence.

One of the best ways to use this FB ad type is to link it with your PR …

I do this with my column and other PR, because each time I publish a new article I promote it to a defined Facebook audience. It tends to look something like this…


The 5 FB Ad Types EVERY Entrepreneur Needs To Know About

I’m not concerned about my audience clicking the link and consuming the content. If they do, great, but it’s not my focus. Instead, I want them to associate me with this large publication, and the social proof that comes with it.

The best part of this FB Ad Type… it’s low cost.

It reaches a lot of people, helps you become omnipresent and ‘top of mind’, and gets you on your audience’s radar. Once you achieve this, getting them to take action becomes much easier.

3: Link Clicks

It’s great to become ‘top of mind’ and omnipresent, but this means little if you aren’t relevant. This FB ad type helps you achieve this, as it turns to focus on making your audience take action.

However, you cannot rely solely on Facebook, which is where a lot of entrepreneurs go wrong.

It’s too expensive, meaning you will never see a positive ROI. Instead, you need to utilize this FB Ad Type for Messenger, the Audience Network, and Instagram. Once you do, Facebook shares your ad with people most likely to take action and click.

This is great for getting cheap clicks to an article or other easy to consume pieces of content. This is one I used recently, which gathered a lot of “shares” in a short period of time, as well as plenty of clicks through to the article (which we were able to track by using a link)


The 5 FB Ad Types EVERY Entrepreneur Needs To Know About

The 5 FB Ad Types EVERY Entrepreneur Needs To Know About

As soon you get your audience to click on your ad, you increase your relevance and intimacy. You’re no longer just ‘top of mind’, but someone who’s sharing quality and valuable content.

4: Video Views

You don’t need me to tell you how important videos are in 2018. It’s the reason I created a Youtube Channel towards the end of last year, because I realized people engaged more with my Facebook Videos than any other form of content.

But your videos only achieve so much attention organically, which is where this FB Ad Type comes in.

Often, you will want to start your video off with a PPE ad to build social proof and high engagement. This not only entices more people to watch your video, but Facebook gives it a greater score and shares it with more (and a higher quality of) people.

But it isn’t just the amount of views your video gets that matters… it’s the average watch time.

Your aim is to get more people watching your video to the end. This creates more engagement, more relevance, more intimacy, and in turn Facebook gives you an even better score so you see better and better results as time goes by.

Here’s one of my own videos in action, which drove 24,000+ views in under 10 days….


The 5 FB Ad Types EVERY Entrepreneur Needs To Know About

It’s simple… Video is one of the best ways to not only become ‘top of mind’, but build a rapport with your audience.

If you use video in the right way (and give your audience what they need, when they need it), you’ll find your conversion rates go through the roof.

5: Conversion Ads

This tends to be the FB Ad Type people focus on first, but it should be the last one you use.

I get it. You want your audience to take action. You want them to become leads. You want them to become customers because this is the only way to get a positive ROI. I get it… I do…


It takes time. If you only focus on conversion ads, you will ALWAYS spend a lot more than you have to. Whereas if you combine this with the other four FB Ad Types, you create a little magic…

  • Higher conversions…
  • Lower costs…
  • Quicker success…
  • More engagement and traction…

You should only use conversion ads once people are ready to take action. Whether this is for webinar registration, a lead magnet or to book a sales appointment… at some point you need to entice your audience to pull the trigger.

This means this particular FB ad type IS important.

But in 2018, it only works if you use the other four 😉

Once you combine these five FB ad types and objectives, you’ll find your success goes through the roof.

This is the process me and my team take to create the Relevance + Omnipresence + Intimacy needed to stand out in this crowded online universe.

  • Yes, it requires a little more patience.
  • Yes, it involves playing the long game.
  • Yes, it doesn’t give you overnight success.


So long as you build a successful business with a loyal, engaged, and hungry audience ready to pull the trigger… does it matter whether it takes 30 or 60 days to pull in a positive ROI?

This is the sort of approach you need to thrive in today’s online world.

And if you’d like to dive deeper into the mindset you need to scale from 6-7 figures (and beyond), you may like to check out this 28-page guide I’ve created for you.

It’s some of the best content I’ve ever written, and it’s designed for the entrepreneur who’s ready to become the “go-to” authority in their industry. If that’s you, you may like to check it out 😉

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