Case Study: How Ross + Rachel Generated Last Year’s Income in 30 days

Case Study How Ross and Rachel Generated Last Year’s Income in 30 days

In the space of 30 days, Ross and Rachel developed and launched a new program that generated more revenue in a few weeks than they made over the previous 12 months.

It proved to be a pivotal point in their business, and one that’s redefined their plans for the future.

We recently asked them to share their journey, and how The ROI Method helped them, and what our expert mentors did to help them through this process from start to finish.

  This is what I want to share with you today… a step-by-step overview of what they did…  AND the role we played throughout. This is how we help our members inside The Relevancy Engine, and we’re proud of what Ross and Rachel have achieved in such a short space of time, as well as the impact we’ve had on them and the rest of our members. Because Ross and Rachel were among our early members, which proves how quickly you can develop and launch your own business mentorship program, while ensuring you create true transformation. This is what we’ve talked about over the last few weeks:
FIRST, showing you step-by-step how to create your own program >> AND THEN, guiding you through the 6-figure launch process >>
  This case study ties everything together, showing you this stuff works 😉 So… let me introduce you to Ross and Rachel. Ross and Rachel are the founders of Trill Media: an Instagram Marketing Agency that helps brands grow their following and transform them into clients. Like many entrepreneurs I meet, they struggled to gain traction for a long time. They “hustled” and put in the hours, and they gave their clients A LOT of value. But they were still figuring out their avatar and their offer, and what their unique advantage was. But they had a lot going for them:
    • They have A LOT of talent…
    • They produced amazing results…
    • They have a growing audience…
  So I invited them to invest in themselves and be one of our early members, and they jumped at it.
They haven’t looked back since. They have grown their business. They have exploded their profits.
And when they came to one of our recent Masterminds, we asked them to share their story so other people can see the impact we’re having on our Relevancy Engine and Project Nuclear members. This is their story, so either watch the video or scroll below to read about how they made more money in 30 days than the entire year before …

Prefer to Watch? No worries, check out this video we shot with Ross and Rachel


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  In April 2018, Ross and Rachel had their biggest month ever with $90,000 (all from organic traffic), yet the journey behind how they got there was far from simple. A year earlier, they started Trill Media, and spent the first few months figuring out who their audience was and how they could best serve them. “We didn’t know how to use paid advertising, and we didn’t really know how to build an audience,” Rachel said. “We also didn’t know how to reach the people who were going to pay us a premium rate for our services,” she continued. This is a problem we see far too often!   And really, this is one of the biggest problems The ROI Method solves, because it’s not just about reaching more people, more often… but the “right” people with the “right” message and product. “Scott helped give us clarity on our idea, after we had been mulling over the idea for a few months,” Ross said, talking about how they came up with their program, ‘The Online Coaching Revolution’. Ross continued to say how they knew a lot of fitness coaches wanted to make more money through their services, and that they knew Instagram was a great way to do this. But it was clear to me that the point wasn’t to grow their Instagram audience, rather to use this platform to grow their business. This is how we helped Rachel and Ross, refining The Online Coaching Revolution so it helped fitness coaches, experts and professionals create high-ticket products of their own, so they could scale their business through organic traffic. Before, they focused too much on Instagram growth, but without something bigger behind it, what’s the point? After all, you don’t transform someone’s life by helping them get more Instagram followers… “Transforming people’s lives through their income and business seemed like the best way we could help our audience,” Rachel said.  “This is what transformed our lives, so it seemed like the best way we could help others.”

This new focus changed everything.

“Our audience thought they wanted Instagram growth, but what they really wanted was more clients,” Ross said. As soon as he told me this, I knew what they had to do. They were on the right track, but they focussed on the wrong thing, as it wasn’t about more Instagram followers, but rather using Instagram as a platform to create Relevance + Omnipresence + Intimacy.  

The Right Offer To The Right Avatar

A few weeks after figuring out who ‘The Online Coaching Revolution’ would help and how it would help them, Ross and Rachel created a Facebook Group and drove organic traffic toward it. (using a lot of the tactics we discussed in last week’s article) “Our process was super simple for the launch,” Rachel said. “We opened up the Facebook Group and told people what we would teach inside it — which was basically how to sell with authenticity, increase your prices, and secure new clients.” Through organic traffic and referrals, they got an initial influx of around 300-400 people. From there, they focussed on creating:
  • Relevance
  • Omnipresence
  • and Intimacy
  They ultimately created an Omnipresence Blast (which we talked about in the last article), spending the first 5-7 days sharing as much valuable content as possible. “We just talked about their needs,” Rachel said, as she discussed the sort of messages they shared during this period of launch. They quickly found a lot of inconsistencies, with their audience wanting more money but only charging a few-hundred-dollars for coaching. Sharing valuable and engaging content like this not only created relevance and intimacy, but helped them share the right sort of message, with the right people, at the right time. This is one of the key pieces we teach inside The Relevancy Engine and Project Nuclear, because you must first illuminate their problem (and pain) so they can see that what they’re doing is not the most effective way. Once you do this, you can then get them to think about the future and what they actually want (in this case, more clients who were willing to pay a premium rate).
Finally, you highlight the gap between where they are now and where they want to be over the next 3 months …
This entire nurturing process took place over 5-7 days, allowing Ross and Rachel to share HUGE value, build massive intimacy, and become relevant and ‘top of mind’ to the people they could help the most.

Want to have as good of a time as Ross and Rachel are having in this picture…?


“We made $30,000 in a few days!”

“We made their problem clear and offered them a solution,” Rachel said, discussing these first couple of weeks. “By the time we did launch, there was an effortless alignment with everyone in the group, and we had people saying, ‘I really want this!’” This is the power of The ROI Method! Within a few days of launching, Ross and Rachel made $30,000 without even trying.
  • NO ads.
  • NO time consuming outreach.
  • NO partnerships or referrals.
They had spent 5-7 days laying the foundations and becoming relevant to the people who needed their program the most, so by the time they launched they had a group of customers reaching out to them! This is so simple to achieve, regardless of your industry or product. And it’s quick…


In fact, Ross told us how this this whole process happened within a month. That’s right… in just 30 days they went from initial idea to successful launch. The thing is, this doesn’t surprise us because we see people inside The Relevancy Engine do this all the time. All Ross and Rachel needed was a mentor who had been there and done it, so they could guide them toward the right program for THEIR audience. With this in alignment, we helped them build their omnipresence blast using The ROI Method, and within a few weeks they had people desperate to join 😉 Best of all… Ross and Rachel spent a fraction of the time doing this compared to past launches that took months of planning and hard work. “This time around,” Rachel said, laughing at how they used to plan and launch their products, “we had a much clearer idea of what we needed to do, because we had a little bit of guidance, and saw how simple it was so long as we followed the process.”
  • Less wasted time.
  • Less wasted costs.
  • Less stress and hustle.
MORE MONEY… sounds pretty good to me 😉  

More Money in 30 Days Than The Previous Year as a Whole

“It was all very exciting,” Ross said, describing life shortly after launch. “We feel like we built a new kind of product; one that’s focussed on transformation.” This is one of the big things that separates those inside The Relevancy Engine from most other entrepreneurs: transformation! Truth is, it isn’t that hard to make money online. But having a lasting impact that changes lives… That isn’t easy! I knew Ross and Rachel had the talent and expertise to have a big impact on their audience, but I also know what it takes to find the right audience, and to then build something they NEED!

It didn’t take long to bring all this together with them, and when they factored in the whole launch period, they made more money in 30 days than the previous year as a whole.

“It was surreal, because the year before all this, that was our entire income,” Rachel said, describing the profound effect this has had on her.  
This is why I hate live launches that prey on scarcity tactics. This is why I hate the six-figure hamster wheel and “hustle mode”. This is why I believe YOU deserve (and need) a 7-figure business!
  So long as you get the right mentorship from the right people, and you begin to focus on providing the right impact to the right audience… you quickly realize how easy it is to make large amounts of money (and spend less of your own time doing so). So although The ROI Method is a new approach to marketing that transforms you into your industry’s “go to” authority figure, what we teach inside The Relevancy Engine goes beyond this.
We help transform businesses, period. And we help the people behind these businesses transform their life!
  Rachel sums this approach up well, as she looks back on her time inside The Relevancy Engine:

“I feel super relieved now, because I understand what strategy and ‘smart’ action looks like,” she said. “The way we did things before was a disaster and took so much time because we refused to invest in support. But once i learned what I need to do to leverage my skillsets to make money in a way that feels really good to me… game over.

“I know I’ll never be broke again, which gives me a peaceful, inner-feeling I cannot put a price on.”

  I take pleasure in hearing this, and I know the rest of the team inside The Relevancy Engine does, too. When we talk about “transformation” in our content, this is what we mean. Ross and Rachel blew up their launch, making more money then they ever have before, and by spending less time on it than they thought possible. They have created something their audience needs, and the impact they’re having on them is HUGE. But this is small-time, compared to what they will achieve in the coming months and years. This is transformation, and this is what The Relevancy Engine is all about 🙂 The R.O.I. Method: The 6 Figure Entrepreneur’s Guide To Exponential Growth in Business
  • Maybe you want to be part of this…
  • Maybe you want the same success Ross and Rachel had…
  • Maybe you want to help transform your audience’s lives…
Maybe you want to TRANSFORM your own business and life!   If you do, and you think you’re ready to work with our experienced, high-level, successful mentors who will push you to have the greatest 90 days of your life, book a call now >> We’ll arrange a short chat to see if you’re ready to transform your business over the next 90 days, and if you pass this first round of calls, you’ll soon join Ross and Rachel inside The Relevancy Engine. Let’s create a little magic together 😉        

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