6 Questions We Ask Before Accepting Someone Inside Our Business Growth Accelerator

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On a daily basis, we’re approached by a LOT of Entrepreneurs who want us to help scale their businesses into a multi-million dollar empire.

We’ve helped over 100 Entrepreneurs do this. So there’s a good reason they come to us.

But although we are working with dozens of entrepreneurs at any one time, we reject far more than those who we allow into our programs.

This is why our success rate is so high.

Plus, there’s a reason why we’re always playing this song


As a business model, we’ve based our success on the success of those we help.

While we offer our business growth accelerator programs on a flat fee, we’ve built our success as a business around Entrepreneurs growing and scaling their businesses — so we can partner with them at the equity or profit sharing level.

This means it’s extremely important we pick our members for our programs, based not on if they can simply pay what we ask… but rather that we have a vested interest in helping them succeed…

So we can partner with them to fulfil our mission of solving all the problems of the Entrepreneur, so that we can solve the problems of the world.

As you read this 6 step process we use to choose who we work with, I urge you to do the same in your business.

When you are in full alignment with those you are working withand you feel connected to them and their purpose — it makes any obligation feel like an opportunity.

Because, if you don’t have a purpose in your business, the money will only go so far.

Based on this, we’ve devised 6 core pieces that go into ensuring we will ONLY work with the right sort of entrepreneur inside any of our transformational programs.

Let’s dive in…


1: Values + Vision

We have a very specific set of values in our business which spells out F.L.A.M.E.S.

I won’t go into all that today…

(we’ll save that for a future article 😉 )

Business Growth Accelerator 2

But if a person isn’t in full alignment with all these values, it’s the #1 reason why we didn’t accept them into one of our business growth accelerator programs.

Further, we go into these values when we onboard a new member, and if we feel that they go against these values at anytime, we may ask them to leave.

This is how strongly we feel about our Values + Vision.

It’s happened over a dozen times so far, where we’ve had to turn someone away because of this.

Business Growth Accelerator 3

For example, we only work withMastersand those who are a Master of their craft.

We won’t work with people who are teaching, coaching or mentoring on something they don’t know.

We don’t settle for anything less, ever… and this is one of the main reasons we have such successful members who come through our programs.


2: Business Model

Within 30 seconds of looking at someone’s business model, I understand exactly what’s happening and what will happen.

There are four core business models that I look for in a business, and while most Entrepreneurs don’t know if their business model can be easily adaptive and levergable…

… based on someone’s business model I know if their business can be sold, and how much growth they can have (as well as the type of profit margin they can expect).

In our business, until you’re at a six-figure month status, we suggest a high-ticket business model that builds in other models on the back-end in order to create sustainability.

Of course, this doesn’t work in many other markets.

However, for us, we see high-ticket services are the easiest way to create revenue and cash-flow to give the needed ability to build a full business model and leveraged business.


3: Growth Mindset

Most Entrepreneurs don’t have a business problem: they have a mindset problem.

It’s why I founded SHIFT 365, a daily mindset program for Entrepreneurs.

When I speak to someone on the phone, I understand within the first 2 minutes if they have a growth mindset or a fixed mindset.

Those who have a strong identity of self and a solid belief system of how the world works, are typically the worst Entrepreneurs.


Because Entrepreneurship is about exponential business growth, which means you must strip away the beliefs and systems that have worked for you up until this point.

Business Growth Accelerator 4

Thus, we look ONLY for those with a growth mindset to come inside one of our programs…


4: Cash Flow and Retained Cash Flow

I don’t believe in selling things to people who can’t afford them.

Before we work with someone, we get to understand where their money is coming from, how much money they have access to, their monthly expenses, and their personal expenses.

Because here’s the thing:

Just because you can make a first payment doesn’t mean you can afford everything else (again, I’m not looking for new sales. I’m looking for people who will be successful long into the future).

By understanding someone’s cash position, you can help them based on where they are.

But a lot of people are scared to ask this question…

and I get it, I used to be, too.

But then I realized that if I’m not asking this question,

I’m hurting the person I’m working with.

And therefore hurting me, my vision and my values…

Remember: you have money, knowledge and hustle to create momentum… it’s important to know which one you’re working with so you can help your audience properly.


5: Exponential Business Growth Trajectory

When we work with someone, we look at


Business Growth Accelerator 5

This doesn’t follow typical business standards.

We work faster than any other business growth accelerator program we’ve found so far.

Part of this is because we work with businesses that are below $10,000,000 in revenue.

Another reason is we’re extremely good at seeing the future of a business and the possibility of where they can grow / scale to.

Because of this, we choose businesses we know can grow quickly — even if the Entrepreneur makes bad choices or if they need help on the operations, delivery and team aspects of their business.


6: Can we help this person?

This is the last question we ask…

What are their chance of success, and are we able to help this person radically change their entire life and business… allowing them to build a massively successful business and life because of this?

With all the pieces we put together…

  • Will their audience monetize?
  • Will their offer work?
  • Do they have the personality needed?

A lot goes into this, and if we don’t think we can help someone…

It’s always a “no”.

Yes, we make a LOT less revenue short-term.

But long-term we benefit from a high “win” ratio.

(and our reputation grows as extremely strong in the marketplace)

There’s a difference between building a company that “just” generates revenue, and a company that’s completely vested in the growth of those it helps.

If you’re in the business of helping others, I suggest doing the same… It’s much more profitable.


So… How Do you Use This in Your Business?

As I write this, we’re fast becoming an established company, and because we have high-growth and are growing month-on-month… you may read all this and ask:

“How do I implement this? I don’t have the revenue to say NO”

I understand.

However, those who aren’t willing to go through the pain typically don’t see the growth and return.

Implement quickly and stand on these six pieces, and over-time you WILL build an amazing business, reputation and brand.

It’s what’s allowed me to stand where I am today, allowing us to build a successful business, brand and have a massive impact on those we serve.

Oh… and one last note…

If you think it’s time for us to work together and you’d like to massively grow your own business… take our 7-figure assessment so we dissect every single piece of your business to see where the weak points are.

Learn more here, and apply to take it now >>




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Copyright © 2020 Scott Oldford. All Rights Reserved.