Consistency in Business: The 3 Things You Need To Create Consistent Growth

You NEVER forget your first time.

Whether it’s the first time you have sex, fall in love, make money in business or begin something new… the memories of “first times” stay with you.

There’s something exciting about it. We love to start a new challenge, and keep things fresh. It affects the human race as a whole, but in my experience impacts entrepreneurs in an especially massive way!

Because us entrepreneurs have a fatal flaw…

and it’s whatever we do in repetition, loses interest.

You see, we love to climb the mountain, always looking toward the next big, new thing we can tackle.

It’s one of the traits that make entrepreneurs who they are: always pushing, taking risk and innovating.

But as a billionaire mentor of mine once told me,

“Entrepreneurs make the most money in repetition, not innovation

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If you want to truly impact an industry, it takes repetition, dedication and consistency in business. You cannot keep starting something new and then moving on. You have to dive deep and become a master…

The problem is, we’re terrible at this!

I am, and there’s a good chance you are too because you’re reading these words. You reach the top of the mountain and begin to think about the next climb without taking a moment to enjoy the view.

You move on to your next idea just as your previous one builds traction …

You get bored of things looking and feeling the same, so you blow it all up …

The thing is… the real key to success is having the ability to fall in love over and over again.

  • To enjoy sex like it’s the first time, every time!
  • To love the business you’re in, even when you reach the top of the mountain!
  • To wake up each day excited, even if you’re doing the same thing you did yesterday!

This is how to build a truly successful business, and to free yourself so you can live (and love) a “free” life.

And the key to all this is to involve THREE CORE PEOPLE in your business…

… so you can carry on being YOU, and do what YOU do best!

1: The Starter

The first person you need in your business is “The Starter”…

This is likely you, the entrepreneur who likes to break things, test idea and take new risks.

A successful business needs someone like this, because this person ensures the business keeps moving forward: innovating, tackling new issues, making a bigger and better impact.

Those flaws I mentioned earlier at what makes an entrepreneur tick, so it’s not about changing who you are and trying to be someone you’re not. I tried and felt miserable, and worse… it affected the business.

Since I’ve accepted (and embraced) I’m The Starter… I’ve flourished  (as has the business).

It works, so long as you have the other two people beside you…

2: The Operator

This is the person who runs the machine, and ensures you continue to deliver value as a business.

Because the thing is, your business (whatever industry you’re in) is a machine designed to deliver value.

That’s it.

That is all.

It has lots of other aspects, sure… but in its simplest form this is what it is.

And a machine needs an operator: someone run it, fix it, keep it running smoothly.

At 1MT this is Aaron, who makes sure we operate at the best level we can, every single day.

Every time I blow something up or try something new, Aaron is who I turn to because it’s him who makes sure it will work — and gets everyone else on the same page.

The Operator keeps you running effectively at all times, which allows the third and final person to thrive…

3: The Scaler

This is the person with the Vision: always looking ahead at where the business needs to do.

In some ways, The Starter plays this role, too.

At 1MT, this vision started with me. I could see where I wanted everything to go. The problem is, I couldn’t make sense of it on my own; I couldn’t communicate it properly with everyone else.

Then Zion came on board, and our vision grew and grew.

He’s our Scaler… the CEO who directs where everything goes.

Where The Operator makes sure we thrive today, The Scaler ensures we thrive even more so tomorrow.

Every business that wants to scale from 6 to 7 figures– and then up toward 8 figures — needs all three of these people.

Some people can plays two of these roles, but I’ve yet to meet anyone who can do all three

Yet like I used to, I see entrepreneurs trying to make it work.

  • They stay stuck in the six-figure hamster wheel...
  • They hustle and punish themselves…
  • They try to be someone they’re not…

Today, I am so much happier because I can get on and do what I do best. I live inside my zone of genius, and I focus only on my unfair advantage.

Best of all… the business scales month on month because it has the right people playing the right roles.

On your own, you’ll likely have little consistency in business.

You’ll continue to climb mountains, which may serve you well but probably won’t help your business grow.

Let go: of change for the sake of it, of trying to be everyone and everything in your business…

We’re helping our members inside The Relevancy Engine and Project Nuclear do this each week, and the exponential impact this has is huge.

Your business needs you to innovate, but not at the expense of consistency in your business.

You need both, so if you would like help making this happen, dive in and see if you’re a good fit for one of our programs

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