Why I’m no longer selling my programs…

This is one of the most exciting articles I’ve every written.

It’s an announcement that changes EVERYTHING!

It’s a game changer, and although you hear people say stuff like that often… this time it’s true 😉

The 12 last month’s have been an amazing journey!

We’ve helped other businesses generate hundreds of millions of dollars, and have built a mentorship brand of influencers and amazing entrepreneurs.

Recently, I sat down a with our CEO, Zion Kim… and we decided to move forward the timeline for our 3 year plan…

What I’m about to announce is something we’ve always wanted to do.

But it’s something we planned for way down the line…

The thing is… it feels right to do it right now. We cannot wait. We need this. You need this. It will change the game, so today I’m proud to announce what that means…

1). We’re no longer going to sell our products and services …

That means we will no longer sell The Relevancy Engine, our Blueprint, ROI:A or any other direct to business product.


2). We are working exclusively with partners … with those we work with inside of revenue, licensing and equity.

We’re partnering with those we work with inside of revenue, licensing and equity.

This means….

3). The ROI Method and the entire line of products will live inside the brands of the world’s top influencers.

But wait…  What does all this mean?

We will partner with 7-figure businesses and influencers, and help them build 8-figure empires.

The cool part?

We get to continue to help those Entrepreneurs who are at 5,6 and 7 figures….

However, our impact can be that much larger!

Because on our own we can only achieve so much. But by partnering with other influencers we can reach more people who need The ROI Method (and everything else we have to offer).

PLUS… we get the expertise of online entrepreneurs who have already mastered their craft and build trust with their audience.

This all means our members and clients get even a higher level of help…

While allowing The ROI Method and The AMPS Methods to be unleashed in every industry and niche!

This allows us to only work with Entrepreneurs inside of Project Nuclear — our growth accelerator — that are generating over 7-figures, and who we believe have massive potential to make an incredible and positive dent in our world.

  • Personally … this is a move to allow me to do what I do best.
  • As a team …  it allows us to build a group of the most powerful Entrepreneurs on the planet.
  • As a community … it allows for our businesses to be the strongest they can be.

And as more and more people turn to Entrepreneurship in the next 10 years… it will be our job to help them accelerate, create momentum and reduce the friction of this crazy rollercoaster.

I’m beyond excited to make 2019 the BEST year… and then every single one thereafter even better.

This will change everything: for me, for 1MT, and for you…

Want to be involved?

Want to massively grow your business in 2019 with a team that can help?

We’re here.

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Copyright © 2020 Scott Oldford. All Rights Reserved.
Copyright © 2020 Scott Oldford. All Rights Reserved.