How a Course on Hot Sex Changed My Entire Belief on Selling Courses

Over the last few years I’ve been VERY critical about online courses.

I had made them and sold them, and made a lot of money from them.

But I saw how they didn’t work, so I went about to make courses the villain.

And you know something… I was wrong.

This post is a vulnerable one that reminds me of the phrase:

“Never say never and never say always”.

When I realized this, I thought to myself… “Now, I’m a hypocrite”.

See, back in 2017 (after selling millions of dollars in Online Courses) I blew up LeadCraft.

At the time, I saw the reality of online courses…

  • Low success rates…
  • Low engagement …
  • Very little transformation …

Not because the course wasn’t good.

Rather, those that purchased it, weren’t implementing it.

I went out on a mission, to make courses a villain.

I talked about information vs. transformation…

I thought this meant more coaching, mentoring, advisory and consulting.

I made sure we built 1MT around these pillars, willing to give away our information (and courses) away for free. Because the course itself meant nothing. It wasn’t worth anything…

However, I was wrong!

I was blinded by a critical element of transformation that I feel silly about as I look back on.

The “switch” in my mind and mindset didn’t happen until recently.

Libby and I have been together for 14 months and married for 6 months.

I believe marriage is the highest commitment to your own personal development. Being committed to another person and yourself at such a high level allows for the safest and most accelerated container of that evolution.

So a few months ago, we started to dive deeper into our understanding of sexuality and sensuality…

Most of us have a lot of wounding around sex, with a lot of triggers that typically don’t get communicated.

Thus, both Libby and I became more and more curious about sex…

It led us to an online course that a friend of Libby’s created around sexuality.

In the course, you do 3-4 hour “date nights” where you explore sex through various themes.

And after the 2nd week… I realized it.

A transformation occurred for me.

I realized the deep wounds I had around being desirable. To feel desirable for myself, but also to Libby (who I find so attractive).

This transformation hit me. I cried for 2 hours straight.

It cut into me deeply.

There was no Mentor or Coach; no Facebook Group; no Q&A calls, nothing…

Just me and Libby Crow, allowing each of us to learn, discover, become curious and evolve.

And shortly after… I realized it…


Information is different than transformation.

However, the difference from information and transformation doesn’t come from providing a course or a mentor.

It comes from 2 things:

  1. How bad does someone want it?
  2. Where is someone on their journey?

For me, while sex is a place for development, it wasn’t that there was a specific “problem”, but rather there was an opportunity for something deeper that both of us never experienced.

It wasn’t mission critical. We didn’t need to visit a therapist.

It wasn’t that we weren’t having what we wanted, we just wanted more.

But for a moment, let’s change the scenario…

Let’s say a couple didn’t ever explore sexuality and it happened for 5 years straight…

Maybe they need MORE than information in this instance. They need a coach or a mentor to help them.

So…  The moral of this story?

When figuring out how you want to evolve, you can always use these two questions to know which direction you must go.

  1. How bad do you want it?
  2. Where are you on your journey?

Sometimes a course that provides nothing information isn’t enough.

But sometimes it is… which is why I was wrong.

Courses are okay. At certain times. I was wrong.

I’ll stop making them the villain.

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Copyright © 2020 Scott Oldford. All Rights Reserved.
Copyright © 2020 Scott Oldford. All Rights Reserved.