This Is What Motivates An Entrepreneur And How To Keep It

Entrepreneurs are some of the strangest people on the planet!

Think about this for a second… just think about everything an entrepreneur puts themselves through:

  • The unbearable long hours that can last for weeks, months & years …
  • The fear of failing, not just hurting your life, but your entire team’s …
  • The struggle to cover all your expenses (every single month) …
  • The fact that when you do start to make money, you are the last person who gets paid…
  • The acceptance that it can all end in an instant — meaning you have to start over again…

They say no guts without glory, but entrepreneurship takes this to another level.

Why do we do it?

Why do we try to do the impossible?

Why do we climb the mountain, reach the top, and then climb another?

As an entrepreneur you are willing to do what nobody else will so you can live like nobody else can.

But none of it’s guaranteed. I’ve been on this rollercoaster since I was 7-years-old. I sold eggs on my parents acreage, and made $25,000 before my tenth birthday.

I’ve always done this. I’ve been climbing the mountain my entire life. Maybe you have, too.

But why… why do we do it?

What Motivates an Entrepreneur?

For a long time I thought I was broken; assumed something was wrong with me.

I figured I was wired differently to everyone else, and as I met more entrepreneurs I began to wonder if we all were.

Maybe we are, although that isn’t why we do what we do…

What motivates an entrepreneur to stay on the rollercoaster is your need to do something BIG.

You need a WHY.

You need this so you can feel significant and fulfilled.

If you don’t have it you feel incomplete, inadequate and incompetent. You feel like a leaky bucket, and the only way to patch up the holes is to keep hustling and climb yet another mountain.

This is what motivates an entrepreneur, but this alone is never enough…


How To Keep Your Motivation at all Times (and fix your leaky bucket)

Your yearning for a WHY is why you start, and why you’re happy to hustle hard and work the long hours.

It gives you drive, but unless you’re consistently conscious about what you are doing and why you are doing it… you quickly lose sight of everything.

  • It becomes about the hustle…
  • It becomes about the money
  • It becomes about the fame and power…

You get caught in the six-figure hamster wheel, more successful than ever but unable to understand why you’re so miserable. This is where I was in the summer of 2017, and it was only after I blew up my business and started all over again that I realized why I felt so down and depressed.

I had lost sight of my WHY.

I had strayed off the path.

I realized no amount of money or success matters unless you’re doing what you do for the right reasons. That motivation and drive an entrepreneur needs turns into apathy and complacency. You go through the motions, self sabotage and self-destruct, and the only way to stop is to realign yourself with your… WHY.

  • Why are you doing this?
  • What is the impact you desire to have?
  • Who do you want to serve and transform?
  • What is that you do better than anyone else?

You need a constant reminder of why you’re doing all this, and why you’re willing to through the pain, uncertainty and chaos.

You need to have your WHY front-and centre at all times, because once you do you can “let go” …

The Secret to Success is to LET GO!

The very things that drive you to become an entrepreneur in the first place are what then imprisons you.

  • Your need to succeed and impress…
  • Your fear of letting people down or looking stupid…
  • Your pursuit to feel significant, worthy and “enough” …

We create our WHY because we yearn for all this and more. We hop on the rollercoaster and stay on it because we’re terrified of not having (or losing) this.

Your WHY is important, and you need to be clear on what it is at all times.

But then you need to LET GO.

Let go of the worry and the feeling you’re not enough. Let go of your need to impress and be the best. Let go of all the “white noise” that distracts you from being you.

Let go and trust that you have what it takes to achieve your vision (your WHY).

The Truth is… You Have NO Control.

You have little control over your life. When you add up all the things you do control, and everything else you do not… it’s an eyeopener.

It changed my life, and allowed me to let go of everything and focus solely on my vision.

I’m driven to help other people realize what their own WHY is, and the abundance in their life. Me and my team help them scale their business to 7 and 8 figures, but it’s not so they have more money and power…

It’s so they can have the biggest impact they can have on those they serve.

This is my why, and I was only able to realize it (and live it) once I let go of all those beliefs, “truths” and fears I had built up over my lifetime.

  • Letting go allowed me to live inside my zone of genius each day…
  • Letting go let me focus ONLY on my unfair advantage
  • Letting go forced me to empower my team to build a better business I ever could on my own…

LET GO, because you have little control over most things anyway.

Realize and realign yourself to your WHY, and then just let go of everything else so you can enjoy the journey you’re on.

If what motivates an entrepreneur is to do something big and have a massive impact on this world, it’s letting go of this (and enjoying the journey) that keeps you motivated and driven.

The longer you fight this, the longer you’ll remain stuck in the hamster wheel.

So figure out your why, and then… let go.

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