How To Use OMNIPRESENCE To Build Awareness & Turn Prospects into Customers

Omnipresence marketing to build awareness converts prospects into customers

I came across The ROI Method by accident, but it’s hands down had the single biggest impact on my business (and life as a whole).

It’s given me true authority.

It’s given me true freedom.

It’s given me true power, to make the “right” decisions.

It’s given me the platform to create true happiness.

Because rewind back to September 2017, and I had two successful businesses making multiple six-figures each month.

The problem is… I was MISERABLE.

I’m talking:

  • Caught inhustle mode” …
  • Working too long and too hard …
  • Pushing a product I “knew” didn’t create the impact I wanted it to …
  • Always playing catch up… always chasing more …

The thing is, I had no idea what “more” was!

So I ate and got high and escaped reality whenever I could, but I knew I wasn’t happy, and I knew we weren’t building a business that would do so.

But all that changed when I went to a mastermind in Utah …

utah marketing conference

I didn’t expect this event to be the wake-up call I needed, but it was.

And it all began when these people at this mastermind kept coming up to me and saying, “Scott, I love your content. I follow you. My team follows you. I would love to work with you.”

These were seven, eight and nine-figure entrepreneurs, and many of them were people I followed and admired. Yet they were coming to me, saying how I was EVERYWHERE…

  • In their newsfeed…
  • In their inbox…
  • Top of mind, all the time!


And when Chris Stoikos, founder of The Dollar Beard Club came up and said this, it clicked …

Chris Stokes Dollar Beard Club

I had somehow become a big fish in a small pond (the small pond being successful entrepreneurs).

I suppose it was intentional, because I had created content based on what we taught in The SSF Method.

And I created a lot of it because we were always experimenting and wanted to lead from the front, but I didn’t intentionally target the sort of people who were at this mastermind…

Yet I had clearly caught their attention, and there’s a really simple reason why…

You see, I hadn’t been happy for most of 2017, but couldn’t understand why because I made more money than ever, and both my businesses grew month-on-month. So I dove into mindset and flow and personal growth to figure out why I felt so miserable, so a lot of the content I shared focussed on these areas.

Well, this is exactly the sort of content that engages successful, seven-figure entrepreneurs.

This is what keeps them up at night, as they try to figure out how to escape “hustle mode”.

And I realized all this as I spoke to these seven, eight and nine-figure entrepreneurs in Utah.

Without trying, I had become RELEVANT to them.

And because I shared so much content… OMNIPRESENT!

Over the next few weeks, I shut down both my business and went nomadic, because I knew the businesses I had and the audience I targeted would not fulfil me.

I knew I had to get away from selling information, so I could commit to creating transformation.

And it was during this period I created The ROI Method.


OMNIPRESENCE MARKETINGThe Secret Ingredient to Consistently Capturing Your Prospect’s Attention

If you can relate to this article so far, chances are you’re successful at what you do.

  • You have an audience.
  • You have a proven product.
  • You’re making decent money.


  • You’re struggling to keep up.
  • You still suffer through feast or famine.
  • You’re stuck on the six-figure hamster wheel.

Like I felt in 2017, you feel like you’re leaving A LOT on the table…

AND you know that what got you to here won’t help you scale to the next level!

If this is you, you NEED The ROI Method, and in particular, omnipresence so you can become the “big” fish in your very own pond.

This is what I created by sharing relevant content to these 7-figure entrepreneurs: my own pond.

It magnetized a certain type of business owner, and because I appeared EVERYWHERE, I developed immense authority.

Best of all… this happened practically overnight!

You can do the same, and the missing piece for many (you may be one of them) is omnipresence.

Because assuming you are good at what you do and have a killer offer that impacts your audience in a BIG way, it means little unless you capture their attention and make them aware that YOU are the best person to help solve their problem.

Which is hard to do these days, because there’s so much competition and white noise.

So although you may have:

  • A validated and fully functional offer …
  • An audience and large email list …
  • Experience and expertise …

It means NOTHING unless you become ‘top of mind’.

You need to create your very own pond (relevance)…

… and then become the BIG fish that dominates (omnipresence).


This is what we’ll focus on in today’s article.

We won’t dive into the whole ROI Method (you can deep-dive into that here), but will touch on it throughout (specifically Relevance + Omnipresence).

The purpose of this article is to show you how to get in front of your specific avatar/audience, automatically, all the time — so you can become an omnipresent force of nature 🙂

There are 3 components of Omnipresence in entrepreneurship:

<> Timing. Omnipresence is about showing up at the right time. When someone needs your solution, there you are. You accomplish this with consistency, which is why the 2nd component of omnipresence is…


<> Frequency.  We don’t try and show up magically when they’re ready to make a decision. We show up consistently, in a way that offers value and builds a relationship.


<> Platform. Finally, you become Omnipresent with the right platform. For many people, omnipresence starts with retargeting and advertising on Facebook, but you can develop this further (like we have) so you’re omnipresent across multiple platforms.

These are the three components of omnipresence, and this is what so many otherwise successful entrepreneurs are lacking. Because it’s omnipresence that elevates you as an authority, so you become the big fish in a small pond.

Once you achieve this, people come to YOU 😉

So that’s what we’ll focus on today….

I’ll walk you through our Omnipresence Process, showing you:

  • How To Build A Relevancy Funnel (so you show up in front of the right people) …
  • How To Create A Relevancy Grid (and craft content around the 13 content blocks) …
  • How To Start Your Omnipresence Campaign (so you can see omnipresence in action) …

But I warn you…

If you have no audience or offer, and you are not AMAZING at what you do…


The whole point of omnipresence is to amplify your message, which is great if you are great at what you do. If not, you’ll simple come across as an annoying mosquito at best, and a total fraud at worse.

This means omnipresence doesn’t fix a broken product, message or business, so if you’re reading this and hoping for a miracle, I encourage you to stop.

But if you:

  • Have a validated product / offer that’s amazing and actually helps your audience …
  • Are making at least $20,000 per month …
  • Consider yourself an expert, and one of the BEST at what you do …
  • BUT you know you’re leaving a lot of money and growth on the table …
  • AND you’re stuck in ‘hustle mode’, struggling to scale to the next level …
  • AND you aren’t building the awareness you would like, or converting prospects into customers …

… This article is for you, and OMNIPRESENCE will help you become the BIG fish in a small pond 🙂

And it all begins by creating a simple, Relevancy Funnel.

Prefer to watch the training instead?

No worries, watch below 😉


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Introducing The Relevancy Funnel (and how to build one)

Before you become Omnipresent, you MUST create a Relevancy Funnel to ensure you’re speaking to the exact pain points that your ideal client is dealing with.

This is the key to positioning yourself as an authority who can help solve the problem in their life.

So please-please-please don’t open your Facebook Ad Manager right now. First you must become relevant, and if you skip this step it WILL cost you money, it WILL hurt your message, and it WILL lead you to become that annoying mosquito that pushes a lot of useless content in front of people.

This is not the point of omnipresence, and the truth is that omnipresence ONLY works when you first build RELEVANCE (there’s a reason “R” comes before “O” in the The ROI Method).

So… what is The Relevancy Funnel?

Well, we keep getting people funnel hacking us, so let me save you some time and share this whole process with you — although I warn you, this may be the simplest funnel you’ve ever seen.

This is it…


Step #1: The Landing Page

On this page (and it could be an entire Mini-Site), you need to share A LOT of value.

This isn’t a sales page. This isn’t a simple opt-in page.

How To Use OMNIPRESENCE To Build Awareness & Turn Prospects into Customers 2

On this page, you want to share your entire Methodology.

The purpose of this landing page is to “speak” to your ideal avatar. You need to illuminate their pain and walk them through the process you take to help them (aka: your method).

At this point, they are not a ‘lead’ or anything like that.

They are simply raising their hands and saying, “yes… I have this problem.”

Done right, this page magnetizes your ideal avatar and repels everyone else. This is great because it ensures ONLY the right people come through your funnel, and over time helps you understand your:

  • Avatar…
  • Offer…
  • Positioning…
  • Messaging…

… so you can become more and more relevant.

That’s it. A simple page with no sales offer or webinar or anything like that. Designed solely to attract the “right” person, so you can then get them to take action.


Step #2: The Guide

If you’re still one of those people setting up a landing page that directs someone to a webinar, please stop. This is far too expensive these days, and unless you have a $25,000 offer, you will always struggle to get a decent return on your spend.

Instead, keep things simple!

Direct them to a guide (ideally less than 20 pages long) that shows this perfect person the exact process / method you use to solve their problem.

This may take what’s on your landing page and expands on it a little.

It may include a few missing pieces (or a few steps in greater detail).

You don’t need to give them EVERYTHING, but you should produce a guide that truly helps them.

That’s it…

One lead magnet…

One call to action…

One guide that gives them the keys…

From here, you direct them to the next (and final) step… another simple page, which says ‘thanks’…


Step #3: The Thank You Page

Once again, keep this page simple.

Don’t add an up-sell or cross-sell. Don’t invite them on a phone call. Don’t ask them to share or refer or anything like that.

Just say thank you, and maybe invite them to join a relevant Facebook Group (if you have one) that allows you to build deeper relationships with them.

But honestly, whether they take action on this page doesn’t matter, because it’s this page that places them into your Omnipresence Process.

  • You now have their email…
  • This pages captures their pixel (FB, Google, etc…)


By having Landing Page >> Guide >> Thank You Page … you have EVERYTHING you need to become omnipresent and top of mind. So don’t over-complicate things.

Don’t make your life harder, and don’t overwhelm them with too much too soon.

Because at the moment, they are NOT a qualified lead.

If you jump on a call with them now, you’ll continue to see low conversions and high-costs. This is what so many entrepreneurs do, and this is the reason so many of them remain on the six-figure hamster wheel.

The solution?

Omnipresence 😉

This is what happens next, with something we like to call The Relevancy Grid.


How To Create a Relevancy Grid (using 13 types of content)

Now you have relevant people in your funnel, you need to prove you’re relevant to them by sharing relevant content that builds intimacy and trust.

And of course… you need to share a lot of it so you become omnipresent and ‘top of mind’.




SHARE just anything.

People who become omnipresent with useless content become nothing but that annoying mosquito. So to stop this from happening, we use the Relevancy Grid to organize and create content.

An Analysis of Every Facebook Post I’ve Made in The Last 6 Months 1

Essentially, the Relevancy Grid is a way to filter the content you have already created to determine what’s most likely to capture your audience’s attention and build your authority.

This is good news for you, because a worry many of our members have when they first join one of our programs is that they have to create A LOT of new content from scratch.

Don’t worry… You don’t!

You will have to create some new content, sure, but a lot of it may already exist.

(to watch a training video that shows you how to use The Relevancy Grid, click here for access)

I won’t go into the full step-by-step process of how to use the Relevancy Grid here, because we’ve recorded a training video for you (as well as templates) that you can access for free here >>

The point is to analyse your previous content (Facebook Posts, Linkedin, videos, Instagram, blog posts, emails, and whatever else you’ve created to build your audience) and highlight what gets the best engagement.

Don’t worry… you can hire a VA to do all this, and it’s really simple. We show you how in this video …

Chances are you already have an amazing vault of content that will help you build the trust you need, but even if you do need to create some new content, using old content to populate your Relevancy Grid shows you what works and what doesn’t.

It also shows you what you’re missing, because the biggest part of this process is to share a variety of different types of content (Content Blocks), so you build the right kind of authority with your audience.

We use 13 Content Blocks to achieve this, and it’s important you use all 13 if you wish to become the right kind of omnipresent.

So, let’s dive into all 13 Content Blocks real quick…

(we go through all 13 of these Content Blocks in our training video, which you can access for free here)

1: Personal Story:

A huge part of building trust and intimacy is to share more about YOU. 

What’s your story? Who are you? What have you gone through and experienced, and how have you used your own methodology to overcome your own problems?

You cannot expect to build trust and authority if you don’t share your own story, which is why you need to ensure parts of your omnipresence campaign features Personal Story Posts.

(here’s an example of this in action)

How To Use OMNIPRESENCE To Build Awareness & Turn Prospects into Customers 3 

Open yourself up to your audience, especially in the beginning. Most people don’t, which is why most people struggle to build true intimacy.

2: Personal Philosophy / Beliefs:

As well as your own stories, you need to share your personal beliefs. 

This is a belief you hold that shows your audience what and why you believe in something, and provides context about what you do.

(here’s an example of this)

 How To Use OMNIPRESENCE To Build Awareness & Turn Prospects into Customers 4

This isn’t about you being right and them being wrong. This is about showing them what you believe and why, and proving yourself as an authority at the same time.

3: Lifestyle:

People buy from people, which means people need to “buy into” people. 

AKA: your audience need to buy into YOU! 

This is where a lifestyle post comes in… a post that shows your audience how you live, and how you practice what you preach  

(here’s and example of this)

 How To Use OMNIPRESENCE To Build Awareness & Turn Prospects into Customers 5

Be human, and share your experiences with those you wish to build relationships with as part of your omnipresence campaign.


4: Authority / Value:

This is where you offer high value that places you in a position of authority, so you can share your expertise and skill-set.  

This often centres around your method / process in some way, showing your audience that you know what you’re talking about.

(here’s an example of this)

 How To Use OMNIPRESENCE To Build Awareness & Turn Prospects into Customers 6

But here’s the important part of this… you have to share HUGE value.

Don’t hold back, and don’t only share part of the process. Make these posts valuable!

5: Results / Training:

This is where you break down how a process works, and provide practical training or help.  

(here’s an example of this)

 How To Use OMNIPRESENCE To Build Awareness & Turn Prospects into Customers 7

Again, this often centres around your method, showing your audience that what you offer works. This is a chance to show your results in action, so don’t be shy in sharing them.

6: Process / Method:

Similar to training, this highlights an actual process your audience can use to move from problem to solution.

This usually centres around some sort of “how to” or “step-by-step” process, so your audience can go away and do some of the work. 

(here’s an example of this)

How To Use OMNIPRESENCE To Build Awareness & Turn Prospects into Customers 8

This once again builds your authority, because you continue to share value on a big scale.


7: Pain / Problem:

As good as it is to share valuable content, it means nothing if your audience consume it and do nothing with it.

Don’t become some do-gooder who gives everything away for free, because this WILL NOT impact your audience in a way that creates transformation (as such, it doesn’t help you or them).

You need to highlight their problem or pain, and link it to how YOU can help them.

(here’s an example of this)

 How To Use OMNIPRESENCE To Build Awareness & Turn Prospects into Customers 9

When you combine a post like this with training, or ones that show impactful results, you begin to prove you are the only option they need to solve their problem.

8: PR:

This is where you promote a piece of content that’s appeared on an authority site, or possibly an interview on TV / Radio / Podcast.

(here’s an example of this)

 How To Use OMNIPRESENCE To Build Awareness & Turn Prospects into Customers 10

You need to build social proof, and prove to your audience that what you say isn’t just coming from your mouth.  

Create positive associations like this, and they will start to see you as the real deal you are.

9: Celebrity:

This follows on from PR, where you associate yourself with a celebrity / authority figure, ideally showcasing how your method has helped them — or is relevant.

(here’s an example of this)

 How To Use OMNIPRESENCE To Build Awareness & Turn Prospects into Customers 11

Again, social proof matters, no matter what your audience or industry.

10: Testimonials / Case Study:

Continuing the importance of social proof, this is where you highlight how you helped one of your clients — having them record a video talking about the impact you had on them.

(here’s an example of this) 

It’s not enough to show how you’ve appeared in Forbes or Inc, and know this celebrity and that. You need to show your audience that your solution helps real people just like them.

11: Question:

This is where you ask your audience something, in a bid to create engagement and start a conversation — which is important to achieve throughout your entire Omnipresence Campaign.

The more you “speak” with your audience, and have them speak to you, the quicker you build the trust and intimacy you desire.

(here’s an example of this)

How To Use OMNIPRESENCE To Build Awareness & Turn Prospects into Customers 12

12: Invite / ASK:

At some point you need to edge them to take action, and in my experience this sort of post is the best way to do it.

It’s where you invite your audience to take action by creating a micro-commitment so you can send them more value later.

(here’s an example of this)

Don’t just create a new guide or training and then tell them it’s ready. Ask them if they want it… ask them if they would like to see it in a few days… force them to take action and commit, because once they do, it not only creates massive engagement, but preempts them to follow through later down the line.

13: Solution / Application:

Similar to an invite / ask, but this time you focus more on the solution you offer and highlight how they can apply it and/or take action.

(here’s an example of this)

 How To Use OMNIPRESENCE To Build Awareness & Turn Prospects into Customers 13

By now, you should have created true omnipresence, and your audience see you as the “go to” expert they need. The time has come to invite them to take the next step, which often involves some sort of phone call / application process.

All 13 of these are important, and you need to create content for each type.

If you only do some, you risk becoming irrelevant and annoying. But share all 13 of these in a short period of time, and you not only become ‘top of mind’ … but a trusted authority figure they believe in.

Of course, there’s a lot of cross-pollination during all this. Some posts cross between two, three, or four of these content blocks, which is fine. The point is to create content that ticks all 13 boxes, because you can then create an omnipresence campaign that not only builds awareness. 

… but Turns Prospects into Customers 😉

Again, we walk you through how to use The Relevancy Grid in this in-depth training video:

How To Use OMNIPRESENCE To Build Awareness & Turn Prospects into Customers 15

You can access this video for free (as well as templates and the rest of The Omnipresence Process) by opting in here >>

How To Create an Omnipresence Campaign

Once you have your Relevancy Grid, you’re in a position where you know:

  • Which content engages the best …
  • Which content block each piece of content fits into …
  • Which content is short form vs long form, video, images, etc …

As I keep saying, once you go through this process (or one of your team members / VA does) you’ll likely find MOST of the content you need already exists. 

But even if you do need to create new content (or tweak old content), you now know what works and what doesn’t, and what type of content you need to create to fill in any holes.

All this means you’re ready to create your omnipresence campaign, so you can share the most relevant content to your audience, when they need it.

Because remember, omnipresence is all about: 

<> Timing. showing up at the right time. When someone needs your solution, there you are.


<> Frequency.  You don’t try and show up magically when they’re ready to make a decision. You show up consistently, in a way that offers value and builds a relationship.


<> Platform. Finally, you become Omnipresent with the right platform. For many people, omnipresence starts with retargeting and advertising on Facebook, but you can develop this further so you’re omnipresent across multiple platforms.

This last one, platform, is what we would like to end this article on, because although you can run your omnipresence campaign anywhere online (in the long term, your aim is to create omni channel campaigns), it makes sense for most people to begin with Facebook.

This is where we started, and it’s where we help most of our members create true omnipresence.

So even if you built your Relevancy Grid around email content, blog content, Instagram and Linkedin content… consider how you can repurpose this content for Facebook.

There are four basic ways to do this, and your omnipresence campaign should have a mix of each:

  • Short Form: less than a few paragraphs.
  • Long Form: anything above this, and often 700+ words.
  • Images: which will often include either short or long form text.
  • Videos: either livestream or pre-recorded.


In the same way your omnipresence campaign needs to include all 13 content blocks, it’s important to have a mix of all four because it helps capture your audience’s attention in a variety of ways (which once again helps you become ‘top of mind’).

So… how do you create your omnipresence campaign?

We won’t go into the full process here, because we’ve created extra resources and videos that do this.

We’ve taken our own advice and designed an in-depth Omnipresence Mini-Site that shows you the complete process in full (videos, templates, a step by step breakdown…).

You can access it for free here >> 

Be sure to check it out, because this Mini-Site takes what we’ve discussed in this article to the next level.

It shows you how to become omnipresent, so you too can be the big fish in a small pond. So take the next step now, and grab your free access to our specially designed omnipresence mini-site here …

How To Use OMNIPRESENCE To Build Awareness & Turn Prospects into Customers 15

Need more helping converting leads to paying clients? Knowing your customer avatar is key. Learn how in this post.

Four Frameworks


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