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Let’s talk about Embarrassment

Embarrassment is an extremely strong feeling. 

I mean… 

It’s the root of so many issues as an Entrepreneur. 

A “failed” launch…

A “bad” month…

A “unhappy” client…

A _____________…

We have these defined beliefs of what our business should or shouldn’t


We compare ourselves with others…

Or we’re just straight up hard on ourselves.

I know I’ve been embarrassed so many times in my Entrepreneurial time…

The times where I was in debt.

The times where I didn’t have a best month.

The times where my client crushed it, but I didn’t.

The times where I had to let my team go.

The times where I couldn’t afford what I wanted.

The times when I wanted to say yes, but couldn’t.

The times when I felt like a fraud.

The times when I messed up. 

Embarrassment in my experience comes down to having a belief around what

should or shouldn’t be. 

That you SHOULD have the biggest launch…

That you SHOULD have all happy clients…

That you SHOULD have it all together…

Hate to break it to you.

You’re human.

And things aren’t as pretty as the Instafeed might make you believe. 

And if you’re an Entrepreneur?

It’s even more tough.

So, here’s a quick reminder: 

Life can be lived in the grey. 

You don’t have to be right. 

And you don’t have to be perfect.

Nor do you have to have it all together. 

Success isn’t about perfection. 

Success is owning what is and isn’t

and changing it, if you so desire. 

Embarrassment, like shame or guilt are nearly useless emotions. 

So whatever you are

or whatever you’re experiencing. 

It’s sexy thing to do? 

Just own it. 

Everyone is too busy judging themselves

to judge you. 

– Scott

Written By Scott Oldford

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