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40 “dumb” things Entrepreneurs do

I’m here on a trip today, writing from my hotel lobby with Cooper by my

And today, I wanted to give you some of the things that Entrepreneurs

That in hindsight, they may think is silly or “dumb”.

Of course…
Hindsight is 20:20 and…
You can’t always flick your fingers and make mountains move to change

Yet… I thought it would be super helpful for you today 🙂

Here we go!
40 Dumb Things Entrepreneurs Do…

  1. Hire too early, or hire too late.
  2. Take forever to make up their mind about something– hesitation
  3. Under value or over value team members
  4. Under value or over value someone who’s done something before.
  5. Follow advice of others that have only done something 1-time…
    sorry, you might be following a 1-trick-pony.
  6. Don’t have automated marketing
  7. Don’t have a projection document, for at least the next 90 days of
    expenses and revenue.
  8. Don’t have monthly recurring revenue or payment plans, so each month
    they start at $0
  9. Only have 1 traffic source for leads
  10. Don’t outsource and delegate what they suck at because they can’t
    trust themselves or others
  11. Go into their main business with their significant other (Legit less
    than 10% success rate)
  12. Use their business as a means for personal development instead of
    profit generation
  13. Think profit is dirty
  14. Make choices on finances based on what’s in the bank, instead of
    actually thinking about it logically (or like an investor)
  15. Thinking that social media will fix the fact that what they offer
  16. Not taking customer feedback seriously– your customers aren’t
  17. Listening to people in the comment section on Facebook– those
    people are probably broke and 39 living with their mom.
  18. Ignore the parts of your business that you don’t like, hoping they
    don’t come up
  19. Not planning for taxes (as if they don’t happen or something?)
  20. Not having life insurance, critical life insurance or disability
  21. Be afraid of making mistakes (as if you’re trying to get acceptance
    from your mom)
  22. Be afraid of success
  23. Don’t track their numbers… I mean… none of them.
  24. Spend more money and time getting new customers vs. taking care of
    your current customers.
  25. Get their best business ideas from a Facebook Group… chances are,
    someone in their is trying to sell you
  26. Not taking enough time to just be in stillness, meditate or do some
    level of not doing… your best ideas come from being, not doing.
  27. Being on every social media platform because you have fOMO even tho
    you have no budget or time to do so.
  28. Comparing yourself from other entrepreneurs on the feed… unfollow
    anyone you do this with
  29. Not making friends because you’re scared of being judged.
  30. Being afraid of letting go of people in your life, even though, you
    know you need too.
  31. Being afraid of how you’re being seen to people or what people care
    about (sorry– but people are too obsessed with themselves to actually
  32. Spending 10x the amount of time to do 10x less work because you
    over-analyzed it
  33. Not seeing the invisible ROI in everything, even if it wasn’t what
    you wanted.
  34. Trying to save money like the 99% who have jobs…
  35. Not realizing that you’re at the right time and place and that
    you’re probably not as amazing as you think you are
  36. Investing in anything has a massive ROI… because you believed in
    yourself enough to take action on something, most never do this.
  37. Not taking time to be grateful and appreciate yourself.
  38. Not investing in enough time or money into understanding your own
    mind and how things work so you can change your mind and beliefs.
  39. Holding onto beliefs too closely.
  40. Holding onto who you “are” instead of having an identity that is
    ever changing.

I could keep going… forever…

Simply put…

Change what you do

by changing what you think 🙂

Sending love

Written By Scott Oldford

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