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About your consistency…

Consistency sounds great doesn’t it?

Every month, make more money…
Every day, feel really great…
Every moment, feeling totally present…
Every minute, structured, productive…

I mean…
It works, doesn’t it?

Is someone successful because they are a genius?
OR because they are consistent?

It’s likely neither.

Consistency isn’t possible.

Fall isn’t Summer.
Summer isn’t Winter

Consistency overrides the way the universe operates.

Yet, most of the time, we desire it so deeply.

To wake up and know what to expect.
To have a business and know it works.
To have a relationship that will be the same yesterday, today.

To have consistency fulfills our desire of certainty.
Which is a pursuit that will always fail.

When you believe that you should post every day on Instagram.
When you believe every month should be massive.
When you believe you should always be on.

That you can be consistent in a season.
You can’t be consistent for your whole life.

Unless you that consistency is embodied in the knowledge that you’ll
just consistently wake up and be who you’re suppose to be for the season
you’re in.

Embrace what’s next.
Embrace the past.
Embrace the moment.

  • Scott

Written By Scott Oldford

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