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Do. Plan. Be. (Which works?)

Yesterday was a SUPER fun day for me…

I went live and shared the principles that made up The Harmony Method…

While I went through a LOT of concepts from yesterday…

One of the things that I’ve learnt on my Entrepreneurial Journey?
We need to bring in four ways of being into our business…

Without it?
It’s difficult to get the momentum you likely desire.

What are these?


See, I think it’s important for us to structure our businesses and our
lives in a way that allows us to integrate these 4 things inside…

By themselves, each are wonderful.
Building a business with just 1 or 2 of them, can stop the growth,
momentum and even scale of what it is you do…

If you only do… without a plan.
You’ll spend far more time trying to make it work, than you need.

If you plan… you may have one that works…
But if you don’t spend time being…
You won’t know if it works, for you.

If you only play, while you’ll have a lot of fun…
You won’t get results for your business or your clients in the long-run.

If you only be, you may have wonderful visions and dreams…
Only for them not to come to fruition the way you desire.

It can be hard to do this..

We get stuck in 1, or 2 of these modes.

Good at work, not at play.
Good at being, not doing.
Great at strategy, not being.

Integration of all 4 inside of an Entrepreneur?
It’s an unstoppable force because you get to use the advantages of all

  1. Too much work? Burnout.
    Too much strategy? You don’t see the big picture.
    Too much being? Nothing moves forward in the 3-D
    Too much play? It’s a lot of fun, but people only buy so much play.

It’s a balance. It’s a way of bringing in Harmony.
No matter if you’re at $0/mo or a LOT $/mo…

And the more time you spend in those you aren’t natural in?
The better your business (and life) become.

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Written By Scott Oldford

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