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Why “Goals” are flawed

Do Goals work?

I’ve made them.
Hit them.
Exceeded them.

Our world is governed, it seems by goals.
Every motivational speaker
or person who desires
to inspire others.

Set the goal.
Get it.
Do it.
Achieve it.

In School
from the time we’re kids.

Get the grades.
Get the awards.

All in pursuit of a “better future”.

You hit the goal.
You feel excited.
You celebrate.

In the lonely moments of the next evening…

You ponder.
You don’t rest.
You decide, what’s next?

And if there isn’t anything else?
We become sad.
We become depressed.

Not by our ancestors.
By our society.

To get it.
To do it.
To achieve it.

In the pursuit of “getting it”
We fall away from who we are.

Even giving up who we are
so we can become who we need to be
in order to get it.

To achieve it.

Looking in mirror…
later in life.

We wonder
who we become.

We collect the awards.
The things we said we wanted.

Yet our heart breaks
because in the pursuit of what we wanted
“out there”

We lost what we really wanted
“in there”.

I’m not a hater of goals.
Nor, am I hater of anything.

However, in my experience.

Are short-sighted.

They focus us on a specific period of time.
They distract us from perhaps, our true self.
They are wonderful construct to ensure we know what to do when we wake
in the morning.

Where do they come from?

Do we really know why we set out to do what we do?

And perhaps a better question that I’ve pondered is…

How do we achieve
without losing ourselves in the process.

Without burning out…
And with enjoying every stage of the process.

I’m personally done, at this moment in time.
At letting go of the present
in the attempt to make the future…
“so great”.

Instead realizing, that right now is just as great.
And so was, yesterday, the week before and the month before that.

I think it’s time to take a look at our goals.
At what we really want.

And to actually understand what it is…
and where it came from…

Our wounded ego?
Or our deepest desires.

Our parents telling us something at Age 7?
Or ourselves knowing our true destiny.

And in pursuit of a goal.
If you have one.

I’ve found
that you might never be able to actually understand
just what you can achieve
when the universe is conspiring for you.

It’s why every goal.
No matter how big.

Might actually be stopping you
from what is really ready for you.

The key?
Surrendering to just how wonderful life can be.

The problem?
We think we need goals in order to have a life of success, enjoyment,
fulfillment and harmony.

As if achievement
brings us happiness.

When in reality.
We bring ourselves happiness.

No matter if it’s a launch.
No matter if it’s a business.
No matter if it’s a new client.
No matter if it’s a number in your bank account.

Why do you have that goal?
What does it mean?

Is it YOUR goal? Or someone else’s?

And is holding on so deeply each and every day towards that goal
actually allowing it to occur?

Or is the desire in the goal itself
creating the resistance against ever having it?

There’s no answer to this.

If you want a goal. Go get it.
If you don’t. That’s great too.

All I know.
Is that what you think the goal will bring…?
Is just another goal.

Enjoy the process
and the journey.

The destination?
It’s fun.

But never as fun
as each and every day
following the bliss
towards your

  • Scott

Written By Scott Oldford

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