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Lesson Learned From Buying a 250k Car

More than almost anything I’ve ever invested in…

My car taught me, a very important lesson.

When I bought it, it cost $250,000.

Could I afford it when I bought it?

Probably 10 of them if I’m honest.

But… being able to afford it wasn’t what stopped me and wasn’t my lesson.

My lesson?

Giving myself permission to have what I want.

Any not allowing my inner-judgment of what is “smart” and “dumb”. 

For other peoples voices.

You want it.

Get it.

No need to justify it.

No need to see if it has a return.

No need to show others it’s a good experience.

Giving yourself permission to simply have what you want, because you want it, for whatever reason you want it.

It’s the most difficult thing.

And the lesson of permission has made me more money than any single lesson, since buying the car in 2020.

Because when we give ourselves permission.

It’s giving ourselves full freedom.

To build the world we want.

Written By Scott Oldford

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