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The hardest thing to do is to stop something that is WORKING…

Between 2018-2019, within a 16 month period, I generated over $10,00,000 in revenue.

Thing is… It was working.

But not working for ME and

What I desired.

So I changed it up to work for what I really wanted.

It worked

even better than the last thing.


Then I realized it needed to be more fine tuned.

Which is what happens.

Your vision becomes more fine-tuned and then it allows you to fine tune your business and life.

However, each time you change things.

It feels like you’re stopping the thing that works.

In 2019, I had 40 team members.

Letting go of that business seemed like the dumbest idea of my life.

The following year, after the most profitable year of my life (up to that point), taking 6 months off to find my true purpose…

That also seemed pretty dumb.

During that time, I realized that if I kept building my short term businesses…

It wouldn’t ever bring me to where I wanted to be…

Further, I knew that if I kept being soley an entrepreneur and not an investor…

That also wouldn’t work.

That’s why I’m 2020, I started spending more and more time investing and advising instead of completing paid mentorship.

This was a massive and uncomfortable shift.

It meant…

Taking a much larger bet…

It meant…

Making less revenue and income, versus more in the short term…

It meant…

Deep levels of commitment to business partners of the span of 5+ years…

And it meant operating not as a “hustle-focused” entrepreneur but as an empire builder.

I was taking to a friend of mine last week and he said…

“It takes the highest level of self trust to walk away from the thing that works.

And even more when it works and gives you a lot of money…”

At the end of 2020, I made these changes.

In 2021, I spent 30% of my time investing and advising for equity.

In 2022, I’m spending closer to 50% of my time doing that, all while having restructured the way I mentor and taking massive amount of time for my family — as I will continue to do…

And after 2 years of what to me felt like a massive “slow down”.

Now, it’s all clicked.

Businesses I’ve been building and investing in are flourishing.

My identity of an investor and advisor, deeply woven into what I do.

My paid mentorship business, in the exact direction I wanted, perfectly balanced for impact, profit & harmony.


The vision I had 3 years ago while on a beach at Necker Island facing me as reality.

Over the next 18 months…

– My profitable income will be the highest it’s ever been.

– My networth will be multitudes higher than it’s ever been.

– My balance will be far more balanced than it’s ever been.

– My ability to mentor, advise and invest in ways that stay true my highest excitement and alignment will be possible.

– My ability to plan & invest in the long term will be available like, it’s never been before.

– The drug all entrepreneurs desire: Momentum will back in my life, after a 3+ year departure. Now fueled by vision, not ego or desire for growth for the sake of growth.

This is a defining moment in my life, one I care to document.

And profess to you for a simple reason.

If you want quantum leaps in your life.

They don’t happen in linear of exponential fashion.

They can feel slow.

They can make you feel like you’re going backwards.

And then…

It switches, quickly, almost impossible to even put on a chart or graph. 

The only thing you have to do

I’d keep up with the quickness of

the universe conspiring for you…

Once you leave your ego

And your belief that you must

will it all into existence.

And once you relax into the timeline of the universe.

Then, it opens a level of creation.

Few know

Or will ever find.

Here’s to you

Also finding this treasure island I’ve found…

Because it’s possible…

But it’s not unless you’re ready to let go of “your time”

And the label that you’re ever


Written By Scott Oldford

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