7-figure Letter Issue #2 – The “Future” of marketing

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Take a dive into what I believe will define the next 5+ years for Online Business Owners….

Almost every day I get emails, comments and DMs asking me what I believe the future of marketing holds.

It’s something I think about a lot.

In fact, it’s always been something I’ve thought about….

…and I’ve been doing this “marketing” thing for a long time.

Over 15 years now & it started with a marketing agency I launched when I was still just a teenager.

The longer I do this business and marketing stuff….

the more I’ve realize that most things don’t actually change.

They simply go in cycles. 

And no matter what the “thing” is, there are core principles that are foundational to success.

Marketing is 100% like that.

Every few years, there’s a new trend or a new thing.

And you see the same people jumping from one to other.

In 2017, it was bots.
In 2019, it was TikTok.
In 2021, it was Blockchain.
In 2023, it is A.I.

Everyone who “jumps” believes it will change the game and disrupt everything.

And many who wait to take the leap do feel some level of FOMO.

It can be tough to miss out on potential early adopter + learning curve advantages.

But the thing is…

There’s always going to be a new “thing”…

There will always be trends.

However….human biology & society works at a much slower pace, than what we imagine.

I remember the bot trend quite well.

Back then, most Entrepreneurs thought bots were going to replace everything….

….and that it was going to happen quickly.

When markets are “hot and fast”, it does create unique conditions for quick success + results. A good chunk of people were able to “cash in”.

And yet… Here we are in 2023 and most of the time, if there’s a messenger bot….we usually do not want to interact with it.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some VERY useful and well done bots out there.

But it doesn’t look like what most people envisioned when it was fresh and new and alluring.

As time goes on, new technology and trends emerge….

…and they can make very large impacts on how people spend their time and energy….

….but they only make small changes to who we are as humans.

And connecting deeply with the humanity of others is what we want to bring to our marketing (and into our lives).

The problem is that when a new trend pops up, we entrepreneurs are creative and visionary folks.

We can deeply envision and feel new potential realities.

And thoughts that say what used to worked in the past, won’t anymore can creep in.

You can see this right now with A.I.

“You will be left behind…”
“Your competitors will be faster than you…”
“Only businesses that use A.I will survive…”

As an Entrepreneur, that’s scary.

Now, the truth is…

A.I will become an increasingly large part of our lives…

And, eventually, it will do it in ways that most of us haven’t yet fully imagined or realized.

But it’s already been here! We just weren’t as aware of it.

But lately we couldn’t avoid it if we tried.

It is firmly in the “hype cycle” right now.

I write this, to remind you…

That each great trend has a hype cycle…
Some parts are used…
Some parts are discarded…

And…despite every past trend….here we are.

Our businesses and our selves continuing to evolve moment by moment and day by day.

The thing is…

The principles?

Those are unlikely to ever change.

So, what are they? 👇


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Back to the “Future”…

When it comes to marketing… I believe that success occurs when you nail a few critical things.

1. You dial in your relevancy and you know exactly who you are speaking to with your marketing. 

2. You have a system that can ensures that each day more people are aware that you & your business exist.

3. You have a way to communicate with the people who are aware of you and find you relevant to their goals or needs.

4. You own some communication channel(s). Ideally one that allows for frequent, free, and uninterrupted connection with your audience.

5. You are able to bring someone through the “Stages of Awareness”. Your marketing must help your market to understand why they need what you are selling. 

6. You have multiple sources of customer or client acquisition. Ideally, no single source is above 30%. It is too much risk to have revenue completely tank if any single source stops working.

7. You utalize intimacy to be able to turn a stranger into a customer. 

8. You use your marketing as your main sales tool, ensuring that you don’t have to “hard pitch”. 

When you do these things… Magic occurs. When you don’t… not a lot occurs. 

You can add in bots…
You can add in ads…
You can add in A.I…
You can add in cool images…
You can add in the block chain…
You can add in everything… 

But the truth remains the same. 
The principles of marketing, don’t change. 

But marketers, will always attempt to make you think they do. 

The future isn’t scary.
But it is, if you think it’ll be. 

Focus on what matters. 
Throw out what doesn’t. 

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