7-figure Letter Issue #4 – The *against* competition

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Should You Care About Your “Competition” ….

…Or Are They Irrelevant?

In my view, Facebook’s failed over the past years for a major reason.

It started to look at other social networks and focused on building what they saw working elsewhere.

And in doing so — it lost itself.

You hear it all the time…
“You need to crush the competition”
“Your competitors are out to eat your lunch”.

It’s embedded in so many Entrepreneurs to feel that in order for you to win, someone else must lose. 

Is that true?
I don’t believe so.

When someone chooses to hire someone other than me or buys someone else’s program; I trust that they did their due dilligence and they chose what they felt was the best option for themselves.

Nothing was taken from me. I didn’t lose anything. If anything, it kept the energy & space open for someone who is a fully aligned “yes”.

Similarly, when someone pays me money, I believe they get massive value from that. I don’t believe they are getting anything “taken” from them, but rather, that they are exchanging energy.

Based on this belief, it’s hard to look at competition and think that it’s anything more than someone inside of scarcity mindset. 

Further, when you understand Relevancy in the way I talk about in my R.O.I. Method….

…you see how you can position and operate your business in a way there it’s almost impossible for you to have actual competition.

Because you’re working with the exact people that resonate with you so deeply that you wouldn’t even think about working or buying from someone else.

Yet… it’s really easy to fall into this trap of “looking” around. 
And society reinforces this deeply.

So, what do we do to shift this?  👇

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What do we do about this inner feeling about competition or comparing ourselves? 

Truth is… it’s really easy to get “sucked” into either the competition trap or the comparison trap.

I remember when I lived in L.A, I would meet so many amazing people and it would be so easy to go home in the evening and ask myself…

“Why am I so behind?”

In many ways, this continued to take me out of my own lane and started building a business, that I didn’t even like.

The truth is… whenever you compare, you start to build a business and a life, that may not be what you actually desire.

I learnt the valuable lesson and it finally stuck with me during this time. If you want to be happy, it’s impossible to compare yourself.

Instead? It’s important to create an enviroment where you don’t compare yourself, along with a mindset that has a very specific belief:

I’m on my time.
No one can rush me.
I’m inside of divine timing.
And so is every person around me.

Once I embodied this as my mindset.
I started building what I truly wanted instead of what everyone else was doing.

Further, when you do this, the mindset around competition automatically fades, because you are no longer concerned about what someone else is doing.

Instead you focus on creating value for those people you are connected with…

You build marketing based on great communication.
You build sales based on being able to show someone how you can help them.
You build product based on what someone actually needs.
You build team based on what’s needed to achieve the vision for your customers.

Simply put: You focus on what you believe is needed based on simply talking with your ideal customer, instead of giving them what you think they need based on comparing.

As an example of this…
My highest-end way to work with me includes…

2 Strategic Plans (once every 6 months)
4 1-on-1 calls with me
The ability to text and audio message me
Access to my network
My in-person 2-day event

That’s it.
Nothing else.

I know what that person needs and I give them it.
Nothing more.
Nothing less.

But if I looked around and built it based on what “someone else” was doing?

I’d probably price it 1/3 as expensve…
I’d give 3x more than is needed…
And the entire thing would feel terrible for both me and the client.

The truth is:
When you build your business and life without comparison and not thinking about what someone else is doing, you create harmony for you, your business and your clients and you automatically eliminate competition.

See you next Sunday,
– Scott

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