I’m Scott Oldford and I’ve helped build over 200+ 7 Figure Online Businesses

Along with countless 6+ figure businesses… 

→ Want to know the single biggest thing that has helped these businesses? Having the right strategy for the right entrepreneur based on their own unfair advantages AND what it was they desired to create ← 

  • fdsafdWhat will work
  • What has worked for others
  • What can work based on your unfair advantages 
  • What can work based on how much time you have
  • What can work based on the result you want

Well… you get the picture. 

And if you sell coaching, consulting, masterminds, group programs or services online…

Without a doubt, I can help you with the strategy that will ACTUALLY work to get you to the next “level”. 

Today, I spend most of my time advising and investing in businesses, however, each month I spend some time helping 25 Entrepreneurs with their strategy and ensuring they’ve “nailed” it so that they don’t…

  • Spend a massive amount of time going in the wrong direction
  • Spending money they don’t need too or worse going into debt
  • Slowing down traction and momentum of their business
  • Hiring people that will drain them
  • Building a business they will eventually hate
  • Ensuring they build a profitable (but fun) business 
  • Allowing their business to build them a life of harmony, flow and alignment 

Truth is, I’ve found that while many online scaling programs “work” what it doesn’t include is actually helping someone build their plan, realizing that everyone is different AND not putting an Entrepreneur in a “box”. 

After helping so many Entrepreneurs grow and scale successfully, I’m a mentor and advisor that doesn’t believe in “one size fits all”…