11 Things to Do If You’re Anticipating a “Bad Month”

Have you ever heard yourself saying, “I’m having a bad month?” Every entrepreneur knows that feeling.

Listen, business isn’t easy.

Anyone who says business is about freedom is right. But freedom costs a LOT.

And guess what…? Regardless of how solid your business is, you’re going to have times when things aren’t peachy. When this happens, we typically see it coming…(It’s not like we typically have a horrible month without anticipating it to some degree, right?)

That’s where your online lead generation comes in. Here are 11 things to do to ensure that – while you are making your ONLINE LEAD GENERATION work – you’ll  never (or rarely) have a bad month.

Keep in mind, if you do these every month, they do have a BIG effect.

Also, if you don’t have effective online lead generation, please do that… all of this is what I consider “luck and hustle”… it works, but you don’t need to work 90 hours a week… K?


1) Set up one day of sales calls per week (manually).


I don’t care how you do it… one of your days each week should center around phone sales calls. It may not be your funnel. It may be via Linkedin, messaging people on your Facebook, emailing your leads from your marketing funnel one on one, contacting your former or existing customers… Any of these will work, but you need at least a dozen sales conversations each week.

You’ll get turned down a lot… your sales person should do this… but if you need cash, then GET THAT CASH!

2) Get on ten podcasts every month.

Richie Norton has built an amazing business using this tactic (and has a cool little product to implement it).

Quite simply, it doesn’t take much to get on podcasts. Do two to three each Friday of the month. Typically I see 50-200 leads generated and can attribute at least $5,000 in sales from each one.

When I went on John Lee Dumas’s podcast, I made nearly $100,000 in the 30 days following my appearance.

3) Mitigate your core costs.

I consider this non-negotiable. Get your core costs paid for, by either passive or more active revenue. For me, it’s a combination of my one-on-one private clients, which currently tallies to a number only $9,000 off from covering the entire core costs of LeadCraft. Then the balance – including my salary – is covered by recurring affiliate commissions.

So, I can ride quite a mountain without having to worry much.

4) Start publishing three pieces of content per week.  

YES… DO IT. Think positively, because you can do it.

The more content you produce, the more eyeballs you’ll get.

The more attention you command, the more money you’ll have.

Ross Simmonds and Justin Devonshire are good examples of folks who understand this tactic and have been rewarded richly for employing it.

5) Start a daily email.

I was skeptical of this one, however, Ryan Lee converted me.

I’ve generated enough money in the past ninety days – since starting this daily email practice – to pay for the time of my daily email for the next four years.

You may only be sending it to fifty people, but those fifty people will get to know you.

Plus, it will put you in the habit of SHARING value and perfecting your tone.

6). Get cash in lieu of profit.


Sometimes, you need to do a deal just to get the cashflow, so keep this option up your sleeve.

Take upfront payments, even if it will perhaps hurt in the long-term… At times, you need CASH more than you need monthly payments.

This is why I offer such a discount on my private one-on-one clients when people pay upfront. Not everyone takes that option… however, some do. And sometimes I’d rather have CASH than just something on my cashflow sheet.

My mentor would be proud.

7). Book five meetings per week to connect with “influencers.”

Influencers aren’t that difficult to get in front of… and with their help you can “push button” the ability to scale your business and your authority.

I get on at least five calls a week with “influencers.” I’ve done this for over three years, and I now have a lot of really cool friends and connections… It would be difficult to “go broke” at this point.

Look to Dorie Clark when it comes to modeling this strategy.

8) Make noise with a signal.  

MAKE NOISE… Do a Launch… Don’t stop talking…

Just do it about the same thing, every day.

Don’t relent.

9). Rely on partnerships and/or affiliates.

When you do #7, this will happen naturally. You will see an opportunity to promote your stuff to someone else. I’ve generated a lot of our revenue like this in the past couple of years (I’d estimate about $1.5 to $2 million!), and you can too.

When we started out, we had to be crafty to make this work, but we figured it out. I did three “partnership” webinars per week for over six months… Take a look at Charles Byrd’s practices, as he built the base of his business like this… He’s a brilliant dude, as well.

10) Host a local event.  

Okay, I’ll be honest… this one is a LOT of work, but if you want to get in front of fifty or more people – quickly – this is a good way to do it. Justin Devonshire is a pro when it comes to this.

If you want to get cash fast, it’s really easy to pitch to a in room versus just a webinar. It’s not my personal fav, but it works.

11) Focus on the long-game while playing the short game.

Overall… realize that all of these tactics are the short game… They will create cash flow. They will allow you to continue to do what you’re doing. But they aren’t a business model.

It requires hustle, grit and commitment.

You need to be spending YOUR time on the long-game: Becoming a strategic, sustainable business. That’s ONLY done if you fix the qualified lead generation problem.

While this “adds” to your business – and for the first year you might need to do the above – I guarantee that if you make this your business model, you’re going to have a BAD time.

I could write a book on this…

But I won’t. Instead, I’ll just tell you. Get that LEAD GENERATION fixed.


Need help? Message me. We’re happy to help 🙂


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