Marketing Strategy and Plan 2018 — What I’m Doing To Blow Up 2018

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If you’re working on your marketing strategy and plan for 2018, listen up… there’s a forgotten approach that the likes of Coca Cola have used for generations — and that you can use in 2018 to blow up your brand awareness.

The problem is that people (and entrepreneurs are the worst at this) are always on the look out for the next big thing.

You search for the new tool or process or technique.

You get all excited by the new ‘thing’ everyone is talking about.

Don’t get me wrong, some of these new tools are great. But most of them are no better than the last one.

And all the while we forget about what’s worked for generations. We forget about the tools, techniques, and processes the likes of Coca Cola have used for forty… fifty… sixty years!

Just because we’re now all online and are a little more savvy than the consumer of the 1950’s was, doesn’t mean these tried and tested techniques no longer work. They do!

And in this video I talk about why (and how) 🙂

Look… I’ve been at this online marketing game for a while now. I’ve tried everything, and a lot of the things I’ve done have worked really well (and have helped other people scale their businesses, too).

BUT most of the time something will work for only as long as Google and Facebook allow it to. So the same pattern happens: you trial and test an idea, it works, you scale it, you blow up, but then it stops working (at least, it’s no longer as effective), so you have to find the next ‘big thing’ that will help you dominate.

So throughout 2017 I got to thinking about what seems to work no matter what. I started to think about what the world’s biggest brands still use, despite having access to Facebook Ads and Google Ads and everything else the rest of us do.

And guess what…

They continue to do what they always have done.

They are omnipresent. They are front of mind. They come up at you from all angles at all times. They still use TV spots and billboards for a reason, and it’s because they want to get in front of you as often as they can.

And I’ve realised this is something we can all do to become the “GO TO” expert in our industry (and with the tools we have at our disposal today, it’s so easy).

This is how I’ve dominated your newsfeed over the last few years. If I’m being honest, I stumbled across this idea, but have since begun to perfect it.

And in 2018 I’m set to blow it up 😉

So if you want to know how I will (and how you can do the same), check out this video now.

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If you want to take your marketing strategy and plan to the next level in 2018, get on this now. This is going to be big!

Get ready to level up.

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