Brand Awareness Strategy — This is All You Need To Dominate Your Industry in 2018

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Your ability to successfully market your brand online is getting harder and harder, and what worked to get you here will not work for you moving forward.

Your aim, more than ever, is to become the go-to expert in your industry, as this is the only way to effectively get in front of your ideal audience. To achieve this you need to become ‘top of mind’ and appear in the right places at the right time.

This is how the likes of Coca Cola have dominated their industry for decades, but until recently you needed a massive budget to achieve this.

Not anymore, and I want to show you how with this simple brand awareness strategy.


The 3 Types of Awareness

For your online marketing to work, you need to appreciate there are three types of awareness levels:

  1. Sidewalk: people who don’t know they have a pain so don’t appreciate there’s a problem.
  2. Slow Lane: people who understand their problem, but need to learn more about the process.
  3. Fast Lane: people who are aware of all this, but don’t know what the solution is.


It’s important you understand these three types of awareness and how your audience fits into them, because once you do you can ensure your content aligns with each.

It’s no longer enough to have a single guide or lead magnet. It’s not about having a single marketing funnel. It’s about creating the right content, for the right people, at the right time, so you can be ‘top of mind’ at all times.


Introducing The Relevancy Funnel

Most funnels will not work in 2018, because most involve a single landing page that leads to a single lead magnet that leads to a single offer. But because different people need different things at different stages, a funnel like this is costly, ineffective, and wasteful.

The alternative is what I call ‘The Relevancy Funnel’.

With The Relevancy Funnel, you place your focus into the slow lane. That isn’t to say you won’t have a funnel or specific content for the sidewalk and fast lane, because you should. But assuming you have a limited budget, you need to focus where the biggest returns are.

And for most businesses, this is in the Slow Lane.

Your sidewalk is full of people who don’t appreciate they have a pain or problem. They may become your customer one day, but that day is way down the line. Whereas although your fast lane is full of people ready to take action now, competition is high because they’re actively seeking a solution.

Your sweet spot is in the Slow Lane, which is what The Relevancy Funnel focuses on.

These people are aware of their problem and eager to learn more. They are not ready to take action, which means competition for their money is low. But the best bit is still to come…


Educate Your Slow Lane with YOUR Solution.

People in your slow lane are aware of their pain, but they don’t understand the full extent of their problem. They need educating, which means you can educate them towards YOUR solution.

The content you share with your slow lane (email funnel, lead magnets, videos, articles…) focuses on the process; the process YOU use to create solutions for your customers.

You educate and inform, and at the same time:

  • Build their trust…
  • Become an authority figure / expert in their eyes…
  • Share social proof…
  • Show them what your methodology / process / solution is…
  • Elevate them into your fast lane (without the high costs and higher competition)…


What The Relevancy Funnel Looks Like

No matter what industry or niche you are in, you can utilise The Relevancy Funnel to make your online marketing more effective.

You don’t need to be relevant to everybody.

You don’t need to dominate everyone’s newsfeed.

You just need to become the most relevant person to the right audience, so you can transform into the ‘go to’ expert of your niche.

This is how you do it:


Step 1. Drive Traffic To A Landing Page

You will typically drive traffic via Facebook Ads and other online marketing/advertising, but also with organic content (articles, videos, podcasts, etc…). The point is to drive them to a relevant landing page that illuminates their pain and hints at the process to overcome their problem.

Step 2. Transform This Traffic into Leads (via a lead magnet)

Your landing page should promote a lead magnet that educate them to what comes next. Remember, they know what their pain is and they know they have a problem; they just don’t know enough about it, which is where you come in. Typically, lead magnets for your slow lane require around 15-20 minutes of investment, so should be a significant piece of content (guide, ebook, video series, training, etc…).

Step 3. Nurture + Educate + Inform

Once in your funnel, your focus turns to nurturing and educating your slow lane audience, while also informing them of your process. To begin with this will be through helpful content (email, video, articles…), but then grow more intimate (training, invite to a Facebook Group, webinars…). All the while you should build trust through your story, and prove your authenticity with social proof and PR.

Step 4. Elevate Them into Your Fast Lane

Within 30 days, you will have nurtured your slow lane audience to a point where they’re ready to enter your fast lane. But unlike your competitors, you have now built a rapport with them. They are ready for the solution and they are ready to take action.

And you are their only choice, because you are the “go to” expert who’s helped them in recent weeks.

If you want to elevate your online marketing this year, look no further than this brand awareness strategy. The Relevancy Funnel not only brings the greatest ROI, but also transforms you into the “go to” expert in your niche.

You become omnipresent and relevant to your ideal audience, and you remain ‘top of mind’ at all times. If you want to learn more about this and how you make it work for your own business, you may like to dive deeper with this other article I’ve written for you…

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