6 Digital Marketing Trends in 2018 That Will Explode Your Brand Awareness

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I know you have already had a lot of people share their digital marketing trends for 2018 with you, and I know you’re pretty tired of hearing the same old stuff.

I get it.

I’m tired of it too.

Mainly because people just share the same stuff, and it’s usually the same tips from last year (with a little variation).

It isn’t helpful, and it won’t help you make this year ‘the’ year you BLOW UP!

I get it!

But give me a chance, because the digital marketing trends I have to share with you aren’t the same as the rest. I’ve changed a lot of my own business and marketing of late, and I’ve already helped my clients do the same. If you’ve followed me recently, you will have seen it, I’m sure.

I keep going on about Omnipresence + Relevance, and how you NEED to get top of mind.

Well in this video I dive a little deeper into this, by offering six digital marketing trends that I’ve not talked about anywhere else.

And hardly anyone else is talking about it, either!

These 6 digital marketing trends in 2018 will explode your brand awareness and allow you to become the “GO TO” expert in your industry (practically overnight).

Forget the rest.

Forget the same-old-same-old.

Forget what worked for you last year.

What got you to hear won’t get you to where you want to get to. Things are changing, not just in online marketing, but how people interact online, period!

2018 will be a tipping point, and it will be a year where a lot of “marketers” will disappear because they are no longer relevant. Like me, you’re tired. You’ve had enough of ‘free guides’ and online courses and the same automated funnels that people copy off each other.

Well, your customers are tired of it, too.

Which means they DO NOT trust you. And you must earn this trust, and the only way to do it moving forward is by diving into what I share in this video.

It isn’t a miracle cure. It isn’t a quick fix. It is soooo simple you’ll think there must be a catch.

There is none. This is simple, and simple works best (so long as you follow through)

So watch this video and dive into these six digital marketing trends. Once you have, be sure to Subscribe + Like + Comment on Youtube. I want to blow up my channel this year and reach relevant people who need to hear what I have to say.

And here’s the thing, Youtube shares relevant videos with relevant people. So if you like this video and subscribe to the channel, Youtube will share it with people like you. My kind of people. People who will change the world in 2018 🙂

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