Business Momentum — Perfection is Your Enemy if You Want To Grow Your Business

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If you want to fulfil your dreams, you need to progress.

Nothing happens if you stand still, meaning building consistent business momentum is key to your success (now and in the future).

Momentum trumps everything else.

Doing something is better than doing nothing.

And when it comes to business momentum, your biggest enemy is often YOU.

  • You strive for perfection…
  • You plan and structure…
  • You wait for the right time…
  • You get everything “just so”…

It all kills business momentum.

Perfection is its enemy.

This is what I talk about in today’s latest video.

I’ve never been a fan of perfection. I would rather ship something than hold on to it until it’s the right time.

Do things fail sometimes? Of course, but this is part of business. And a huge part of building business momentum is to fail and go back to the drawing board.

None of this is to say you should release just anything. You need high standards. You need to produce quality.

But perfection… forget about it. You don’t need it. And even if you did, it doesn’t exist.

Yet I see so many smart people sabotage their success by striving for it each day.

Don’t be one of them.

Watch this video and let me show you why not, and what you should do instead.

It’s super short, but packs a punch. At least, I hope it opens your eyes enough to know that how everyone does it isn’t necessarily how you should do it.

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