4 Entrepreneur Personality Type (and why you need to be each one)

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There are 4 entrepreneur personality types, and if you want to level-up and become the entrepreneur you can be, you NEED to be all four.

In fact, you may find you are all 4 entrepreneur personality types on any given day.

Which is easier said than done, because you’re a single person.

But as an entrepreneur you cannot assume this is enough.

You have to be a different person at different times, and to different people. It isn’t to say you can’t be yourself, but you do need to expand yourself.

So what are these four entrepreneur personality types?

  • Entrepreneur…
  • Investor…
  • Business Owner…
  • CEO…

Becoming all four WILL NOT come natural to you, but your future success depends on it, because those who do are the ones who create businesses that have a big and lasting impact on the world.

In the beginning, most entrepreneurs are true entrepreneurs who innovate and create and break things.

They are reckless, and to get an idea off the ground, you often have to be.

But as you transition from six-to-seven-figures, you must find a way to embody all four of these entrepreneur personality types into who you are, otherwise you limit your ability to keep growing your business.

You must evolve from being ‘just’ an entrepreneur, because although your entrepreneurial drive is where the magic begins, it isn’t enough to build long-lasting and scaleable success.

Many days you will be all four of these entrepreneur personality types.

In the morning you may dive into your accounts and project for the future (investor), before leading your management team and directing them what to do next (CEO). In the afternoon, you figure out a new process to make an existing system more effective (business owner), before you meet your partner in the evening and envision a new product that will disrupt your industry (entrepreneur).

This is what I talk about in today’s latest video.

If you want to learn more about each entrepreneur personality type, check it out.

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So let’s do this.

And let’s embrace all four of these entrepreneur personality types 😉

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