Measure Marketing Success by Focussing on The Invisible ROI

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If you want a true measure of your marketing success, you need to stop looking at the standard metrics (and focussing only on the next 30-60- days), and instead focus on the invisible ROI that nobody else is.

I see too many people get caught up on what they are getting now.

They start a new project and want to see a return within a week.

They obsess over likes and shares and love-hearts, thinking these are going to bring them money and growth.

In doing so, they forget that a real ROI takes time.

Sure, you get can get short term successes and you can make even. Sometimes a launch will go really well and exceed your expectations. When this happens, it’s great. But it isn’t the point, and it isn’t what makes you or what you do a success.

Real success takes time.

It’s the long game.

It’s the invisible ROI you earn in the background that will have a massive impact on you and those you serve in the future.

But this is what so many people forget about as their scarcity mindset gets in the way.

In this video I dive into why you need to avoid this type of thinking.

I show you the difference between short and long term thinking, and the impact this can have on your growth.

If you want to break free from your own shackles and take things to the next level, you need to stop worrying about right now. This mindset shift will change you, and help you not only make today work, but ensure tomorrow is so much better.

And the truth is, most people get this all wrong because they focus on the wrong metrics (in the wrong way).

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It has nothing to do with the short game. It’s all about the long one 😉

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