Business Growth is NOT Linear (an Exponential View into Business Growth)

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Growth is Not Linear

Business growth is NOT linear. It doesn’t go up in a straight line.

There are moments that explode followed by periods that don’t move much at all.

So if you want to grow your business this year, it’s important you understand this and do not expect your business growth to be simple and predictable. Because it isn’t, which is a good thing because if it was, you would have to wait a long time to get to where you want to be 🙂

But because of these exponential spikes, you will blow up and scale in a short period of time.

This is good. This is what you want.

But it’s also what cripples a lot of companies because they simply weren’t expecting it.

And although you can’t always plan for when these spikes will happen, you can be prepared for them when they do.

In this video, I talk more about this, as well as the unpredictable nature of business growth.

I see a lot of entrepreneurs struggle with this, and I used to as well.

We all want business growth, but in an ideal world, you would choose when it happens, how it happens. This would make your life a lot easier because you could plan accordingly and get the right staff and the right time. But this isn’t how it works, and as I say, it isn’t how you want it to work — not really.

Because if business growth did happen in a nice straight line, you spend years laying the foundations.

Whereas most of the successful entrepreneurs I know did see HUGE growth in a short period of time. They may have been in business for weeks… months… years… when this exponential growth happened. It’s hard to know when it will come because each business is different.

The point is, huge success doesn’t happen in a predictable manner.

You have up periods. You have down periods. You have periods where not much happens.

Business growth is not linear, and in this video, I show you why.

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So get on it. And if you have any questions about your own business growth, hit me up 😉

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