5 Types of Social Proof Marketing

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The Types of Social proof marketing

As a general rule, I’m not all that big into social proof marketing.

I think people spend too much time on it.


I also appreciate it that it does matter, and more important…. IT DOES WORK!

These 5 types of social proof marketing I’m about to share with you will set you apart from your competition.

Why? Because in a crowded world of too much marketing, it’s vital you build positive proof online to stand out.

This is what it comes down to.

Your job is to capture the attention of your audience, so you can then build their trust.

These two things go hand-in-hand.

One without the other will not work, and social proof marketing acts as a bridge between the two.

It shows the other person that you’re someone worth listening to, and that other people have gotten a lot of value from you. In an instant you become someone worthy of their attention, so they take note.

Big win for you.

When you reinforce this further with more social proof marketing, it helps you build the trust needed to turn someone from an interested audience member into a fully fledged customer.

Again… a BIG win for you.

Social proof marketing isn’t a miracle cure for your marketing. If you have a poor product or a poor message, it will only amplify how poor it is. But if you have something that helps your audience… well, social proof marketing is what you can use to turn good into great 🙂

And in today’s video I show you the 5 pieces you need.

In under 5 minutes I’ll show you what to use so you don’t waste your time like so many entrepreneurs do.

Because although social proof marketing does work, it isn’t something you should spend all your time on.

This video shows you the balance. From there, you can go out and OWN it!

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Video transcript:

Today, I’m gonna share with you the five different types of social proof to use inside of your business.
The very first step of social proof is I did this. So that’s a social proof where you have somebody that said I downloaded this guide, or I went to this webinar, and it was good. It’s the kind of social proof around the fact that the value that you provide is actually good.
With so much value out there, so many webinars, and so many guides, and so much information, people are kind of getting to the point where they’re like, I don’t even want any of the free stuff. I don’t even wanna look at this.
It’s really important to be able to allow others to know that the content that you produce, the value that you put out there, is actually valuable. T
he second is so-and-so is good. You are good. Now, that’s not actually a specific result. But a lot of the time, you have the ability to have your customers, or the people that you work with, really kind of give almost a character profile.
This social proof isn’t absolutely amazing, because it doesn’t say oh, this person helped me do this. However, it is actually really influential to have a person on a page, such as a sales page, say you know what, that person, you, this person’s good and you should actually trust them.
So that’s a second type of social proof. Again, impactful but not as impactful as the next.
The third is your authority. You being featured in magazines, and industry columns. For me, it’s things like Entrepreneur, Ink, Forbes, Business Insider. For you, whatever is actually significant inside of your industry.
The thing is, is that society, and the majority of our customers, they don’t actually know how easy it is to get in these publications. And these publications, really at the end of the day, allow you to elevate your ability to show that you know what you’re talking about.
 So on the pages when you see the Business Insider, and Forbes, and Ink, and all these different types of things that you’re featured in, that automatically creates a level of trust with people that are just meeting you online, which is really important when someone automatically already don’t trust you once they’re clicking your Facebook ad.
The fourth is social media proof. People actually commenting on your ads, or commenting on your Facebook post, or commenting inside of your group. It’s the ability for them to be able to very easily, and very effectively,
see that you have customers. They’re saying you know what, this is my result. This is what happened.
Now, it doesn’t need to be a video. It doesn’t need to be even a case study. It just simply needs to be them saying this is my result and this is what happened when that happened.
And that’s a really, really cool, interesting place to be because it’s actually very organic, social proof. It’s someone being able to post and say this was my experience working with this person. And then of course, you can screenshot that, put it on your sales pages, put it in your ads, wherever it may be.
And the last type, the best, are the video testimonials and the case studies. These are ones where you show where the person was, you show the gap, and you show the specific result, the actual outcome.
I’m not actually a huge fan of social proof in general. My belief is that just because someone else did it, it has nothing to do with me. I have a unique situation. That’s why I’m not really a huge fan of social proof in general.
But it works, and we have the data to show that social proof allows for someone to make a decision faster. It allows for someone to make a decision easier, and in your case, allows you to increase the amount of profitability from the sales that you’re gonna generate that perhaps you wouldn’t before.
Take a look and utilize all five inside of your business for significant results.
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