Afraid of Success Syndrome — The Biggest Entrepreneurial Problem of All

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It isn’t the fear of failure that holds you back. It’s your fear of success.

This “afraid of success syndrome” affects just about every entrepreneur, and when it comes to the problems of entrepreneurship, it’s possibly the worst of all.

Because being afraid of failing is one thing, but fearing success itself is another.

You don’t feel like you’re afraid of it. You trick yourself into thinking you’re ready for it.

But are you?

The answer, for most people, is no.

And the reason is that you ‘normalise’ your life. You know what you know, so you get comfortable.

So if you’re used to living off only so much money but then you suddenly have lots of it, you’re thrown out of your comfort zone and spend it on things that do not matter. The same applies to fame, authority, business size, leadership, and responsibility. All these things come with success, but unless you’re used to having it, you have no idea how to handle it.

Deep down, you know this.

You’re afraid of it. Right now, you are comfortable.

You may not be happy with where you are, and you may have a lot of dreams still to crack, you right know you know what you know… do what you do… and are what you are.

You’re comfortable. You’re safe.

But out there in the unknown… who knows.

So although everyone talks about the fear of failure, what most people should accept is their fear of success.

It holds you back and stops you from achieving what you could both now and in the future. It affects your decision making, and in this short video I dive into why.

You are not alone. This affects almost every entrepreneur out there.

The “afraid of success syndrome” is real, and it’s something YOU must take control of.

If you want to scale from 6-7 figures, you must battle your fears (of both failure and success). There’s no other way, so if you want to learn more about this and how I deal with it myself, check out this video now.

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So… you up for the challenge?

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Video transcript: 

Fear of success syndrome

I wanna introduce you to the concept of normalization.

As entrepreneurs, our days are very different from one to the next. Our years are also very different. As we grow and as we start impacting and profiting, so our lifestyle changes. And certain levels of normalization must occur.

This happens, everything inside of our business, to our relationship, to our life. And the normalization of having money, of having profit, of having things that you once did not, is very important for you to manage and control.

See, as entrepreneurs, our job is to create momentum and at the same time, this normalization can be a little bit weird at times. And this is why you see a lot of entrepreneurs that are, you know, not really used to money go out and blow money. This is why you see rock stars go and spend all of their time and money, spending it on things.

So, as entrepreneurs, it’s important to have this normalization. It’s important to be able to normalize the things inside of our life. Because if we normalize them, we can own them.

We can own who we are and we can further level up. And as we level up, we bring this into our business, we bring this into our impact and we further create the abundance and the freedom that we want for ourselves as well as the transformation that we want for our customers.

Want to learn more?

Find out more about entrepreneur struggles in this post – do you feel worthy of success?

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