The 3 Different Types of Currency

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Money isn’t the only currency, but most people (entrepreneurs, especially) only consider money when it comes to growing their business.

This can not only affect your short term growth, but how you build your long term success.

So I wanted to jump on the mic and talk about the other types of currency you need to consider (listen above or click here).

Of course, I didn’t always think this way.

For a long time I focussed on money far too often, and as I look back I appreciate how much money I have lost because of it.

It may sound strange, but once you stop focussing all your attention on money, you tend to make more of it.

Let alone more:

  • time…
  • freedom…
  • happiness…
  • success…
  • abundance…
  • clarity…

You need to consider all three of these currencies to take your success and growth to the next level.

Not doing so will not only affect your growth, but it will actually slow you down and steal time and freedom.

Sounds strange, I know, but I explain all in this podcast 😉

So have a listen and be sure to share any comments, questions or thoughts with me.

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