Reality Distortion Field — How To Remove Your Reality Distortion Goggles Like Steve Jobs

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Steve Jobs used to talk about the reality distortion field, and as an entrepreneur, you need to, too.

It’s said that Steve Jobs lived in one while at Apple, constantly pushing the boundaries (and asking his employees to do the same) so they could achieve impossible deadlines, features and updates.

It drives those around you insane, because they do not live in the reality distortion field you do.

Within this field, anything and everything is possible. Reality is malleable, and you get to decide what can and cannot be done.

I like to think it’s where Norman Vincent Peale’s quote came from, “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.”

The fact there are people striving for the impossible means that the improbable does happen. It’s how progress occurs, and it’s entrepreneurs like you and me who push the boundaries.

The problem is, living in a reality distortion field isn’t always ideal.

Effective decision making begins with removing your reality distortion goggles, and in this video I explain why.

Now, I personally think the reality disruption googles are good.

But if you always wear them… not so much.

It’s a double edged sword because when you’re in the reality distortion field you will come up with your best ideas.


You will find it hard to communicate your genius with others. They may fight your ideas because your ideas . mean change.

And change is something people struggle with.

So you need to be able to wear your goggles and take them off when you wish.

So you not not only come up with great ideas, but then action these and turn them into your reality.

(not just your reality, but everyone’s version of it)

This is what I talk about in today’s video, so watch now and decide whether you’re currently wearing your goggles.

Your job as an entrepreneur is to do what other people won’t. It often feels like you have to achieve the impossible, overcoming one obstacle after another. To do this you must both live in and out of your reality distortion field 🙂

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