Does Luck Exist For Successful Entrepreneurs?

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Luck in Business – Is It Real?

Does luck exist for an entrepreneur?

People often see a successful entrepreneur and assume they got lucky along the way.

Sometimes they do, I suppose. Some people get a helping hand.

But for the most part, I don’t buy it.

Luck doesn’t just happen.

You make your own luck, and it’s your entrepreneurial mindset that leads the way.

There are many challenges faced by entrepreneurs, but luck isn’t one of them. I feel strongly about this, and I also believe the longer you assume luck plays a role in yours or other people’s success, the longer it will take you to actually build success.

The truth is, you have to earn your way.

You have to step up and do what other people won’t.

There’s a reason most people work for someone else… it’s easier.

Entrepreneurship is hard. It’s great, don’t get me wrong, but it is HARD!

And luck does not come into it.

You earn what you earn, and you create your own luck. That’s how I see it. When I see fortune, I see someone who made it happen. I see someone who put themselves into a position where luck and fortune happens.

But this isn’t how most people see luck.

Most people see luck as this external force we have no control other. Some people are lucky. Other people are not.

I call BS!

Seriously, I don’t buy it.

And in this short video I explain why.

I hope you will watch it, and I hope you spend a few seconds considering how you see luck. Do you pin your hopes on it? Do you get frustrate about other, luckier people?  Do you think you have control over the luck you see in your life?

You do!

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