Overestimate and Underestimate — The Biggest Problem of Entrepreneurship

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As entrepreneurs, we tend to both overestimate and underestimate far too often.

This is one of the biggest problems of entrepreneurship, because you tend to underestimate the impact you can have in the long term, and overestimate what you can achieve right now.

This means you commit to too much and burn yourself out, but don’t take the risks necessary to scale and grow and fulfil your potential.

You walk this fine line, never quite committing to who you can be, but not happy with who you are (so you try a little harder, work a little longer, and hustle until you have nothing else to give).

You both overestimate and underestimate, and it’s killing you!

The good news is, there’s another way.

I talk about it in this video, and although it doesn’t have all the answers, I do hope it opens your eyes.

Because I used to be like this, too. I hustled. I worked myself into a manic state. I never thought I was doing enough, but I also never imagined I would be able to achieve what I am today.

I meet people like this all the time, and they will remain like this until they become aware of it.

Once you do, you can act.

Until you do, you can’t.

It’s as simple as that!

So watch this video and open your eyes, so you can finally stop yourself from overestimating what you can do today and underestimating what you can achieve in the future. It’s a fools game, and you’re better than it.

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Copyright © 2020 Scott Oldford. All Rights Reserved.
Copyright © 2020 Scott Oldford. All Rights Reserved.