Product Launch Strategy — Evergreen vs Live Launch (which is best?)

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When you launch your next product, should you use a live or evergreen product launch strategy?

I asked this question for a long time, and having used both several times, I now have my answer…

I HATE live product launches!

I know that goes against the grain, as the popularity of live launches continues to grow. I understand why they’re so popular, because I too have used a live product launch strategy to sell courses and programs, and they often result in a big pay day.

This is great.

Except there’s a fundamental problem with this.

And it’s a problem that gives you short term success with no long term gain…

None of this is to say there aren’t a lot of benefits to a live product launch strategy. I’ve used this myself many times in the past, and depending on the situation, I may do so in the future.

After all, a live product launch strategy creates:

  • A lot of money right now…
  • A lot of attention and exposure right now…
  • A lot of traffic and leads right now…
  • A lot of opportunity for partnerships and JVs right now…


This is great and can certainly help your cash flow in the short term.

Yet once the dust settles, you tend to realise your live product launch was a lot of wok and didn’t bring you that much money (when you deduct the many costs)

So I prefer another way, and in this video I break down what this 🙂

Watch it now and decide for yourself whether live or evergreen is the way to go.

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