How To Escape Your Comfort Zone

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As an entrepreneur, you cannot live in your comfort zone.

In your comfort zone, you will not innovate and come up with your best.

In your comfort zone, you will not scale your business to the level it can.

I’ve yet to meet a successful entrepreneur brining in seven, eight or nine figures who survive in their comfort zone. Those who do never achieve wha they could. They play it safe and they just get by.

And if you’re reading this, I imagine that isn’t what you want.

So listen to this exclusive podcast only episode where I talk about the comfort zone, and how you can escape it (and stay out of it forever).

I also dive into the role of abundance and scarcity, and what this means to your comfort zone (as well as your future success).

So listen now and make sure you live outside your comfort zone.

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Four Frameworks

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