6 reasons you NEVER want the person to book as soon as they “FIND YOU”

6 reasons you NEVER want the person to book as soon as they "FIND YOU"

If you’re selling “high value” or “high-ticket”… 

I have 6 reasons for you that show you NEVER want the person to book as soon as they “FIND YOU” and sign-up inside of your “marketing funnel”.

I spoke to an industry “leader” the other day…
He has 13 sales people… and a 7% close rate.

Yes, he’s generating multiple six-figures…
and his entire business is going down the tubes.

There’s two types of people.
People who play the long-game, and those who play the short-game.

Those who play the short-game, lose.


If you’re generating appointments for your higher-end offer…

Here’s why I believe it’s CRITICAL for you NOT to take a call at the beginning of the funnel (or right after they see your webinar, lead magnet, etc.).


If they book a call right away, it means that are at an extremely high-level of pain, which means that if you even close them on the phone, they are automatically your potential worse customer.

Those people who buy in this place are so far into the stress response that they are rarely great customers because they are in a scarcity mindset.

These people will refund, these people will charge-back and in general be very difficult to please.


They don’t understand your process, nor do they see you as an authority and if you think they know this after a 60 minute webinar you are wrong.

When I have someone on the phone, I want the entire sales process to be complete and this no longer, in typical situations happens in 1-sitting.

This happens by “micro-dosed” pieces of content that are delivered via their screen on a daily basis.

Meaning… it’s about creating a series of content, not just one “big” piece of content.


If you want 10-20% close rates, it means that you’re going to need a huge sales team. My entire sales team is 1-person… it’s not because he’s the world’s best closer…

It’s the same with my clients.

It’s the fact that people are so well indoctrinated after 30 to 60 days of these micro-messages, that they are simply ready to buy, they don’t care about your competitors and they are going to be your best customers.


If someone is bought into you and your brand along with your process and the authority, not only are they going to be successful because your product delivers results.

They are going to have a higher level of emotional buy-in, ensuring that the transformation that you provide, occurs in their life because of them actually applying it.

This allows you to have an overall higher success rate, better testimonials and more people who have actually been helped by what you do.


You’ll never need to close with scarcity… or that the price is going to rise. You’ll never need to manipulate, rather, you will be able to shine a light on the pain and then show, automatically the road to recovery.


If someone get’s on a call with your sales person and they don’t purchase… they typically won’t buy in the future if they didn’t see the fit.

That means, that you typically get ONE chance…
If you blow that one chance and you do it too early…

You lose your authority, positioning and ability to influence that person into being able to create a powerful change in their life, business or relationship.

HOW do we DO this?

It starts with being RELEVANT: 
That is inside of your message, your offer, your positioning…

It requires you to be OMNIPRESENT:
The correct timing, frequency and platforms with the content that will lead a complete stranger to the point of wanting what you have so badly, they’ll never care about the price.

And then it’s top with Intimacy:
Specifically, the 3 C’s of Intimacy: Connection, Conversation, Community — simply, the ability to feel connected, be heard and be part of something bigger than themselves.

Once this happens… something powerful occurs. 
It’s what I call The Nuclear Effect.

The ability to have…
1). The perfect client
2). Be able to charge the perfect price 
and 3). Able to feel connected to the customer.

So, instead of thinking that someone should call you right away…

Stop believing that everyone’s “cost per application” is sexy.

Mine is over $300. 
And my close rate is 50%.

Do the math. 
Don’t buy into the hype.

Business is a long-game…
Not building a funnel and thinking you’ll be rich in 7 days.

It’s time to build a real business…
which serves real people…
and is able to serve real results…

Not “preying” upon people who are so desperate that you’d never be able to help them anyways…

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