Want to know what  entrepreneurship really is? 

Want to know what  entrepreneurship really is? 

Want to know what  entrepreneurship really is? 

Besides it’s “rockstar” status, as given by society…

Really high, “highs”
Really low, “lows”

Leaving behind things you love
Exploring things you couldn’t imagine

Saying screw it, every day

Using your gut, instead of logic
Using logic instead of your gut and getting burnt

The ability to live like no one else will, to live like no one else will… ever.

Idolized by society, yet demonized by our own internal conflict.

Looking at your bank account to see seven figures4 years later…
Having your bank card declined at Mc Donald’s

Being able to surround yourself with amazing people

Evolving at a rate, unknown to majority of society

Being able to land on your back, when you fail

Being able to say just do it, when your world is falling down around you.

Keeping your head high 
Saying no, not yes

Working harder then anyone around you
Working smarter then anyone you know

Crashing hard
Burning fast.

Making it big, with nothing.
Building a legacy, that can’t die.

You can’t teach this shit. 
You just gotta do this shit.

If your waiting to live your dream,

You will NEVER have more time then you do right now.

There will always be an AMAZING excuse. The only people that will judge you  for failing are the idiots that want to  pursue their dream but are afraid.

F mediocrity, 
F what ifs,
F your small dreams

You were born to do this. 
Welcome to life, as it was meant to be.

Your kingdom…

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