So You’ve Just Had an AMAZING Month… What Now?

So You've Just Had an AMAZING Month... What Now?

So you’ve just had an AMAZING month… OR a BIG Launch…

NOW… here are 10 things you MUST do in order to MAXIMIZE your momentum (and create MORE of it)…

In 1692, Issac Newton founded the 2nd law of Momentum.

“Things that are in motion, stay in motion, unless friction is applied”.

THIS is your job as the Entrepreneur in your business.

Yes, your J-O-B.

At multiple points in your Entrepreneurial career, you’ll experience “revenue breakthrough periods”.

Basically, we’re talking about growth periods where you put up several great months in a row, or perhaps right after having your best launch to date.

If this is you right now, you need to realize that, it’s important to be diligent here. You may not realize it, but you are in a FRAGILE place.

You have two choices:

  • A. Use that momentum to create even more 
  • B. Allow friction to be applied slowly your momentum

Even though we’re assuming you’re going with A, it will take intention and focus to continue re-commiting to this choice every day.

Want to ensure your business keeps building on its current momentum [….as opposed to hitting a plateau or even backsliding into a bit of a rut]?

Here’s the 10 things you need to keep in mind once you have momentum (typically measured by money):

1. If you do not have an evergreeen, systematic way to repeat these great months, then it’s based solely on luck.

Luck can be “created”. You make your own luck when you work harder….

…when you exhuast more energy hustling, grinding, networking, and asking for referrals or introductions….

….and when the universe aligns for you (I think that’s when Mercury is in Gatorade, right?)

If you don’t know, *for certain*, that your next month will be like this one (or if you have to plan *another* launch to repeat this success)…

….then you don’t truly have a business. You have a hustle.

A business is stable and it can scale endlessly. A hustle is uncertain and truly can only scale to the amount of time and energy YOU personally can give it.

DO NOT take this as me looking down on all the hustlers out there…

I did it for years… but when I stopped… it was the game-changer. It allowed me to start living the lifestyle I WANTED that drove me to doing all that hustling in the first place.

2. Don’t hoard your money 

The biggest issue I see when someone has a good month or a launch and it is…

Hoarding their money…
Here’s the thing.
If you don’t invest in your business and instead you hoard your money….

Your momentum will continue to die.

Momentum is almost a bit of a riddle….

Momentum allows you to make money, but it costs money in order to create + multiply momentum too.

That means, if you just hoard money, instead of investing it in your momentum….you’ll lose it.

Don’t do that.

3. Invest in these 3 things

When it comes to your life and your business,
it’s important that you invest considerable 
amounts of money in the following:

a. Relationships with People (1 on 1)
b. Relationship with Yourself (your personal development)
c. Relationship with your Audience/Tribe (1 to many)

Investments in these 3 areas ensures that:

– you will have friends who can help you
– you can become a superior man/women
– you’ll have an audience that you can serve, learn from, and generate momentum with

4. The marketplace changes quickly

I remember after my first launch, I did over $300,000…

6 months later we did over $1M….but this time our advertising cost was over 2x as much.

Remember: everything changes. Change is the only constant.

What the market wants, how available marketing methods work, how sales works…

That means, that you need to ACT NOW…
That what you did in the PAST won’t work in the future.

It’s WHY I believe in a business model that is ALWAYS selling…

…at the right times to the right people to maximize Relevance, of course ?

And just as important as the consistency that comes with this model, you ALWAYS have your finger on the pulse of the market.

This way, you can see changes in “real-time” versus having big gaps between launches or individual campaigns.

If you have those gaps, what worked for you in the past *might not work* for any future launch….and it will hit you completely by surprise…at the worst time for it to happen…..

It’s the inevitable “Murphy’s Law” of continuing to operate a “Six Figure Hustle”

Bottom line:
The marketplace changes quickly. You will need to adapt (and the closer to “real-time” you can do that, the better).

5. Focus on all 6 pillars of business

We all have blind spots. Entrepreneurs especially. You kind of HAVE to wear “reality distortion lenses” to be able to continuing choose this life through all the ups and the downs….

….but for as much of an asset as that can be, it also blinds us to a lot of the serious problems, challenges, and risks they have inside of their business.

Sales, Marketing, Operations, Team, Finances, Mindset

Those are the 6 pillars.

You need to track your challenges and problems in these areas each month. And then you need to dedicate time to thinking, strategizing, and executing on resolving your challenges.

You will NEVER get to the “end” of this. The challenges will simply change and evolve. Learn to find the whole process fun, interesting, challenging, and growth stimulating.

(Because it is)

6. Find a mentor or a series of mentors

When I was 16, I got my first mentor. He is a billionaire and one of the wisest people I’ve ever come across.

There’s no way I would be where I am right now without him.

Right now, I have 3 mentors in my life. Each of them have accomplished much more then I have. Having advice and guidance from people who have already done what I hope to accommplish has been invaluable.

While I pay a lot in both time and money for the experience with these mentors, they’ve been the greatest key allowing me to build more momentum.

In general, you want 3 mentors.

One who is 1 step ahead (for tactics), 
One who is 3 steps ahead (for strategy)
One who is 10 steps ahead (for mindset/inspiration)

7. Don’t brag. Focus on the goal.

Celebrate your success, don’t dwell on it.
Further, don’t spend to much time talking to others about it.

Momentum is cruel mistress. It can turn on a dime. Talk instead about the next step.

One thing I’ve found life is that people will surround you more when they see your overall vision.

Seeing where you’ve come from or what you’ve recently accomplished is nice… but it doesn’t inspire like being able to see the future vision you are creating towards now.

Even further, I’ve found that talking mostly about the $$$ you make will typically attract the WRONG people.

(Wrong assuming that the people who you REALLY want around you to want more than just money)

8. Consciously invest your money into these things:

– Marketing/Sales
– Operations/Team/Delivery
– Mindset

Most businesses a core problem that limits sustainability & scalability in at least one of these 3 areas:

(.1.) Front End – not enough Marketing/Sales to fill capacity

(.2.) Back-End – insufficient Operations/Team/Delivery to fulfill the demand for the business’ offers

(.3.) Your Entrepreneurial Mindset

And while the issue often has to do a bit with all 3, invest your money in resolving the most important one. Deal with that and move to the next most important.

If you’re not sure which one is most important, which of the below statements rings the most true? That’s your answer.

Marketing/Sales = You won’t get more money/momentum
Operations/Team/Delivery = You can’t deliver, thus no more money/momentum
Mindset = You’ll sabotage your momentum

9. Take care of yourself

This is the most difficult of all of them. When you are inside of momentum, it becomes more difficult to take care of yourself and your body.

Because we get addicted to momentum, the next “high”, the next sale, the next dopamine hit.

Here’s the thing…
Do you want to play the short game, win and live a short life?

Or play the long game, win and live a long life?

It’s a simple choice, it requires a mindset shift and it also requires true dedication to yourself.

10. Implement the 3 levels of Leverage

Now that things are changing and you have some momentum, it’s important that you use the 3 levels of leverage. Without them, you will die a quick death of burn-out.

Leverage of Time: 
Hiring other people and delegating outcomes that you want.

Leverage of Money: 
Using your money to be able to further make more money. Use money as the energy that amplifies your message instead of putting in more of YOUR energy to try to create relationships, leads, and sales.

Leverage of Energy: 
Simplifying and creating a Minimalistic structure around your life and energy. The less moving parts, the less you need to deal with.

While there are plenty of tactics for creating momentum…

…it all comes back to being able to invest the time, resources, and money into ensuring you have a real sustainable business.

And with that… go and create massive momentum for years… not just months 🙂

Want a little help getting started?

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