How To Create Super Qualified Leads That Convert

How To Create Super Qualified Leads That Convert

Lead generation is the lifeblood of your businessI’ve yet to meet an entrepreneur who doesn’t rely on lead generation (at least not one that isn’t stuck in “hustle mode”, working 100 hours each week).

Product, service, B2B, B2C… it doesn’t matter.

Lead Generation is important, and those who build successful, profitable 7-and-8-figure businesses are the ones who create consistent, automatic lead generation that works day and night.

BUT… you’ve been tricked!

Over the years all those ‘experts’ have tricked you into thinking you want more sales, more leads and more customers.

  • But, you don’t want more sales — you want more profit.
  • You don’t want more leads — you want more calls.
  • You don’t want more customers — you want more people to buy your stuff, come back again and again, and talk about how amazing you are with their friends.

It isn’t about more-more-more, and it IS NOT about creating a huge list and an army of leads.

The key to success is creating automatic, consistent, QUALIFIED leads!

But I’ve realized recently that we haven’t done a great job of communicating this, which is why I’m writing this article…

Because when some of our members enrol in The Relevancy Engine, they assume we’ll encourage them to create a huge list and get as many leads as possible.

(after all, becoming omnipresent is about reaching a lot of people… right?)

Trust me, this is NOT the case!

It used to be, sure. A few years ago, a big list meant a lot of success. Your focus had to be on creating a list of 50,000+, and successful lead generation centered around quantity, not quality.

NOT anymore. Today, it’s all about quality, qualified leads.


It’s simple…

It costs too much to build a large list these days. Generating leads costs A LOT more than a few years ago, whether you focus on Facebook, Google, Youtube or whatever else. Too many entrepreneurs and businesses have joined the party, so what you’ll find is:

This is what lead me to create The Relevancy, Omnipresence & Intimacy Method in the first place. I saw, month-on-month, all the numbers I didn’t want to go up, go up… and all the numbers I didn’t want to go down, go down.

I knew that building a large list would no longer work, and instead we had to become Relevant + Omnipresent + Intimate to the “right” people. Not more people… the “right” people!

Quality over Quantity!

Qualified Leads over everything else!

So if you’ve read about The Relevancy, Omnipresence & Intimacy Method recently and worrying you don’t have the budget to make it work, please do not worry because The Relevancy, OI Method SAVES YOU MONEY!

… because attention turns toward ONLY qualified leads, meaning no wasted ad-spend on people who won’t become your customers 😉

This is how The Relevancy, Omnipresence & Intimacy Method works, and it’s why it’s made me and our members millions of dollars over the last few months. This is what we teach inside The Relevancy Engine, showing our members not only how to create relevance + omnipresence + intimacy, but how to create a process that filters out as many leads as possible, leaving only qualified leads who are ready to open their wallet 😉

In today’s article, I’ll show you how we’ve done this for our own programs.

How To Generate Super Qualified Leads That Convert

You see, we have high-level programs that need a lot of vetting, and even though we nurture each lead with valuable content for at least 30 days, our phone conversions were not where we wanted them to be.

Each call cost us money, and we couldn’t afford to waste our time on non-qualified leads…

So we hatched a plan, and in this article I’ll walk you through one of these, showing you:

  • The journey we took each new lead on …
  • The tactics we used to filter as many people out as possible (and why we did this) …
  • The sort of messaging we used to build trust and intimacy
  • How we created super qualified leads in 3 simple stages!

We’ve already helped a few of our members do this, but their results are still coming through. However, we know this 3-stage process works because we used it to create super qualified leads for our own programs, and all I can say is the results are insane!

  • Our sales conversion is up to 40% without me personally having to take sales calls (from 15-20%)
  • We’re having more touch-points with the right people, building massive trust.
  • Our show-up rates have risen from 50% to 90% (in less then two months).
  • We have shortened the sales-process to under 48 hours.

This 3-stage process has helped us tap into our avatar and create qualified leads long before we jump on the call with them. This is great for a few reasons:

1) it’s saved us money and helped our ad spend goes further.

2) it’s improved our conversion rates, especially when it comes to phone calls.

3) our sales team has become a productive superpower!!!

But most important of all… it’s allows us to create true TRANSFORMATION for our members.

By the time they jump on a call with us, they already have a foot in the door, which means we can focus all our attention on getting them in the right program and making it work for them.

So here’s the deal.

This article is for you if…

  • You have a validated offer that works …
  • It’s a high-ticket offer (at least $2,000) …
  • You’re making at least $20,000 per month …
  • Your sales process is good, but you know you could do A LOT better …

If that sounds like you, keep reading because this article walks you through the 3-stage process to create super qualified leads.

  • Stage #1: The Mini-Site
  • Stage #2: The Application Form
  • Stage #3: The 15-Minute Call

No matter what your offer, business or audience, you can take this process and run with it.

So let’s dive in, starting with Stage #1: The Mini-Site

STAGE #1: The Mini-Site

We spent the early stages of 2018 validating The Relevancy Engine and Project Nuclear, and once we got them to a point where we were happy, we began to think about how to launch and scale them.

The thing is… I hate live launches.

I like to launch something once, turn on the evergreen button, and sit back knowing we’ll get a bunch of consistent new leads each week. Of course, there’s more to it than that, but I won’t go into how to launch a program like this with you today.

(I did that in this article)

With a typical live launch off the table, we thought about how we could do a simple launch that would build initial momentum, and then let us turn everything on autopilot by using the same techniques we teach inside The Relevancy, Omnipresence & Intimacy Method.

We figured most of this out quickly, but there was this one issue… Qualified Leads.

For our programs to work, we need to vet every single person who comes in. We knew we couldn’t jump on a call with everyone who showed interest, so standard tactics like a webinar or guide were a no-go!

We wanted to magnetize the “right” people and repel everyone else.

From the beginning, we knew we had to take our audience on a journey:

  • Illuminate Their Pain: what’s their problem, and what’s keeping them up at night…
  • Inspire Their Vision: where do they want to be 90 days from now…
  • Highlight The Gap: what’s the gap between today and where they want to be…

This also had to run on autopilot and not rely on a single person, so we created a one-page Mini-Site that illuminates pain and shows them what life could be like by giving them our entire methodology, The Relevancy, Omnipresence & Intimacy Method.

I love this Mini-Site because it:

  • Allows us to show them the entire Relevancy, Omnipresence & Intimacy Method in one place…
  • Illuminates their pain and problem, helping them decide if it’s for them or not…
  • Shows them what life could be like, showcasing lots of successful case studies…
  • Highlights the gap between where they are today and where they would like to be…
  • Hints at what comes next, and the impact all this has on your life and business…

This Mini-Site also looks amazing, and in my opinion is one of the best things we’ve ever created. Every single member of our team helped build this, and we invested $20,000+ into it because we want each person who visits to get massive value.

This is why we break down the entire Relevancy, Omnipresence & Intimacy Method for free.

This is why you can download the guide, without an opt-in.

This is why we give you the entire methodology and solution.

The purpose of this page IS NOT get an email.

The purpose of this page IS NOT to arrange a phone call.

The purpose of this page is to overview The Relevancy, Omnipresence & Intimacy Method from start-to-finish, attract the right people, and filter everyone else!

Remember, the whole point of this is to create qualified leads, so if someone visits this page and gets everything they need, they ARE NOT our avatar. We want them to leave with massive value, but we don’t want to jump on a call with them as it will waste both their time and ours.

So this Mini-Site is the first step in filtering out as many people as possible, leaving us with ONLY the most qualified leads.

At this stage, we have no idea if they are a qualified lead, so directing them straight to a phone call or a sales page is not a good idea. If they are ready to take action, they’ll click on the apply button.

(more on this next)

If not, we’ll retarget them with more valuable content about The Relevancy, Omnipresence & Intimacy Method, and continue to give as much value as we can through content, videos, guides and more.

But at this stage they are NOT a qualified lead, so no sales pitch & no phone call 😉

So what about those who are ready to take the next step?

How do you take them from Stage #1 into Stage #2?

Simple… with a single Call To Action.

That “Apply Here” button leads here, which allows them to apply for a short 15-minute call so we can see if they’re a good fit (and if so… which of our programs they need).

HOWEVER… it’s not as easy as grabbing a time in our calendar.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves, as that comes in a minute.

First, let’s recap the importance of this Mini-Site, and how it’s the first step in creating super qualified leads. In my opinion, this Mini-Site is one of the best things we’ve ever created (hands down). It has more valuable content on it than most courses that cost $1,000+, and we give it all away for free.

It may sound like a strange thing to do, but I encourage you to do the same.

Because it’s this that will separate you from almost everyone else in your industry!

While your competitors desperately try to convert “anyone”, you focus all your attention on ONLY the right people. You give away information without a care in the world, because you know your customers come to you for transformation — not information.

If someone’s interested in taking action, they will take the next step.

If not….. who cares?!

They’re time-wasters!

You don’t need them!

They are not the qualified leads you desire 😉

So to create a Mini-Site like this yourself, all you have to do is:

  • Speak to your avatar and illuminate their pain / problem …
  • Give them HUGE value with no opt-in or pitch …
  • Walk them through your process/method (give it to them for free) …
  • As you do, show them what life could look like if they implement this …
  • Back this up with social proof (results, PR, testimonials, case studies) …
  • Revisit their pain, highlighting the GAP between where they are and where they want to be …


  • Do NOT focus on getting an email or subscription or anything like that …
  • DO capture their details for retargeting (FB Pixel, Google Tracking, etc) …

It’s as simple as that. A Mini-Site like this works for both a live launch and an evergreen campaign, and it will continue to create qualified leads for you as you sleep. It builds authority and trust with your audience, and allows you to share the method that sets you apart from everyone else.

It’s your first step to creating qualified leads, which leads us to Stage #2 …


If someone clicks the “Apply Button”, it shows us that they’re interested in taking the next step — which is a short 15-minute introductory call.

BUT … we do not make it easy for them.

AND … you shouldn’t make it easy for your audience, either.

Make them jump through a few hoops!

Force them to invest time and effort into this!

We didn’t used to do, and it wasted so much of mine and my sales team time.

Because the truth is, this world is full of time wasters.

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve been on a call and known within a few minutes they weren’t interested in joining our program:

  • I’ve had people pitch me…
  • I’ve had people invite me to events…
  • I’ve had people practically bribe me…

In the beginning when you’re validating your idea and still figuring things out, this is fine. If anything, it helps you figure out WHO your avatar is (and who isn’t).

But once you reach a stage where you’re ready to scale, this is a business killer.

You do not have time to waste on these people, so DO NOT make it easy for them.

This page has been an absolute gamechanger for us! It has two parts to it:

  1. The Video
  2. The Application Form

The video is simple, a combination of testimonials and me on camera explaining what the program is (and who it is for). The video is important because it further enhances what’s on your Mini-Site and forces the other person to ask… “is this right for me?”

But the most important part of this page is the application form…

How To Create Super Qualified Leads That Convert

Right now you may be thinking this is overkill and will scare all your leads off.


If anything, it will make the “right” people like you even more 🙂

If you’re to get the qualified leads you want, you have to overcome your fear of losing people at this stage. The truth is you will lose some leads here, but they are probably time-wasters.

Whereas those who do fill this out are more likely to:

  1. Show up for your phone call …
  2. Join your program …

This was huge for us, because until we created this application form we only had 50% of people show up for our call, but as soon we switched this application form on it went up to 90%!




If all your potential lead has to do is grab a slot in your calendar, their commitment is tiny.

Whereas if they have to spend 10 minutes filling out a form and really think about their business and goals… well, that commitment is large enough to make sure they turn up.

But as well as filtering out time-wasters, this application form gives you a chance to have a deep conversation with your audience and decide whether they are worth a 15-minute introductory call.

  • Because maybe they aren’t ready yet…
  • Because maybe they aren’t a good fit…
  • Because maybe you cannot help them…

So let’s dive deeper into the questions we ask our audience, to better understand their situation.

Or if you prefer to watch, check out this video overview 😉

How’s Your Month Been?

This is a question we love to ask people during our phone calls, because it stops them from thinking about the ‘here and now’. If you ask them about their week, we’ve found they sugarcoat their answers.

But if you ask them to consider their month so far, they start to think ‘bigger picture’.

What’s been keeping you awake at night in the past month?

This is basically a reframed version of the previous question, only this time you’re focusing on their pain. It’s important you figure this out, because without knowing this it’s hard to appreciate whether you can have a positive impact on them.

(or if they’re ready for your program)

What do you sell, who do you sell to, and why do they buy from you?

This question helps you understand what they do, and forces them to think about who and how they help in a sentence or two. It’s crazy how many people we meet who cannot say what they sell, who they sell to and the impact this has on them.

What do you think the biggest problem is you need to solve in the next 90 days?

Most people cannot think past 90 days, and 30 days isn’t enough time to dive in and make an impact. By having them think about what they want to achieve over the next 90 days, it shows you what they believe their biggest current roadblock is.

(and whether you can help them with it)

How does this challenge show up in your life?

This makes them think about their symptom(s) to their problem, and the effect this has on their business and life. This helps them go from pain to vision, which is what the next question focuses on …

What would your life look like if you didn’t have this challenge?

This puts them into the ‘vision’, considering what life would look like if they could remove this pain. It’s not enough to illuminate their pain, you need to help them picture the solution and what’s at the end of all this.

This begins to put them in the right mindset, but also shows you what they really want.

How much is a client worth to you in the first 90 days of your relationship?

Although the whole point of this application is to take your audience from Pain >> Vision >> Gap, you don’t want to take them too far down the rabbit hole (just yet).

<> Focus too much on pain, they’ll stop.

<> Focus too much on the vision, they’ll stop.

You need to change direction a little, and get them to think about more logical things like money. This particular question is vital to know (for them and for you), because if they don’t know this — or if this number is too low — it’s a sign they’re not ready to work with us.

How many clients do you typically work with on a monthly basis?

This follows on from the previous question, helping you match up whether they are a good fit for your program.

How do you currently get your clients?

Again, this follows on from above, this time making them think about lead generation. This tells you a lot about them, and what they currently do get new clients.

If I asked you to go get 25 new clients, how would you do it?

This brings them back to “pain”, as it forces them to think about a situation where their back’s against the wall. Most people struggle to answer this, which helps them realize they need help.

What is your current monthly revenue US DOLLARS?

Again, they should know this information, and it helps you decide whether they are at the right level or not (and if you can help them).

What is your current monthly profit in US DOLLARS?

As above, this further helps you understand the current level they are at, this helps you assess how well they know their numbers, and is a pain-oriented question that forces them to think once more about their current situation — this leads nicely into the next question …

90 days from now, how much revenue (and profit) do you want to be making?

After answering the previous two questions, they’re brought back into the “vision”, and what they would like to achieve over the next 90 days. This also creates the bridge toward the “Gap”, because if they’re currently at 20k per month but want to triple this in 90 days… they know what they have to do.

How do you think we can help?

For the first time, you bring focus on you and your business, and how you can help them achieve this. Do they think they need help at this stage, and if so… do they believe you are the person to help them?

By getting your prospect to say how they think you can help them in their own words, they subconsciously “OWN” that they believe “YOU” can help them.

Assuming we can help, are you ready to receive our help?

This acts as a double commitment, making them think about the help they need, whether they are ready to take action, and if you’re the person to deliver.

Can you take 15 minutes from your schedule in the next 2-3 business days to see if we can work together?

This is basically the call to action, where you ask them if they are available for a 15-minute call. At this stage, you’re asking them to make several, small commitments that get them in the right mindset.

You’ve gotten this far, so it seems a little silly to ask if you’re going to show up….but are you going to show up for your appointment?

Another double commitment 😉

First Name

Last Name



Office Phone

Facebook Profile Link

A lot of people start with contact information like this, but we’ve found it can act as a barrier.

However, after they have gone through this entire process, entering a few details is a no-brainer, and it allows you to do further research and retarget them in the future.

These are the questions that work for us and our avatar, so you may need to tweak them to make them work for you.

Based on these details, we can figure out how likely someone is to enrol before our call, and also gives us the information we need to ensure the call is specific to them and their current situation.

But possibly the biggest benefit of all is that it forces THEM to THINK!

Like I say, our avatar is busy and often caught in “hustle mode”, so they haven’t thought about these questions in a long time.

So when they fill in this application form, it often excites them because they start thinking about everything they could achieve — which builds even more trust and intimacy between you 🙂

But even now, after The Mini-Site and The Application Form, we still don’t consider them a qualified lead. There’s still one more step we take our audience through, and it’s an initial 15-minute call.


We don’t arrange a call with everyone who fills out the application form. We dive into their details and vet them, and if we believe they are the “right” person and we can help them, we arrange a 15-minute introductory call so we can properly dive into their current situation.

If their application form doesn’t tick our boxes, we don’t arrange this call with them!

So you see…

Each one of these steps is a filter.

It’s a funnel, like any other funnel.

Lots come in at the top, and that number gets smaller along each stage.

This is how you create qualified leads, so remember this because it’s important…

You need to keep a high, specific and relevant standard throughout!

But assuming they have come this far, we have one final step for them to take before they jump on a sales call with one of our team…

… A 15-minute introductory call that:

  • Super Qualifies Them — as well as ensuring the details they share in the application form is correct , we want to understand if their values align with ours (transformation vs information, illumination vs manipulation, intimacy over automation, etc).
  • Builds MASSIVE Rapport and Authority — this is especially important if you have a sophisticated audience like we do. They’ve been on sales calls like this many times before and use the same strategies on their calls, so this is your chance to get on their side and prove you’re not just after their money.
  • Creates Further Commitment — we give them a starter pack and ask them to complete an assignment before we jump on a 60-minute call with them. This creates massive commitment on their end, but also allows us to provide further information about the program and what’s expected of them.
  • Lays Out Expectation — the more quality touch points you have before enrollment, the easier it is to lay out your expectation and what it means to be part of your program. The only way you can create transformation is if they commit to the cause, so this 15-minute call (and the assignment that comes with it) ensures they know exactly what’s expected of them.

As for the assignment you set you don’t need to go overboard, but make sure it asks them to bring their A-Game.

In short, this whole process is about having them commit long before you start talking about program fees and sales pitches.

This is the best way to create super qualified leads, because if they come this far… you know they’re the real deal 😉

The next step is to jump on a 60-minute call where you present the opportunity to work together — Only now your sales’ team job is easy because they’re practically begging you to take their money.

This is the process we take to create super qualified leads, and we’re helping our members inside The Relevancy Engine and Project Nuclear do the same.

If you’re like most people we speak to, you may initially resist this process because you’re afraid of turning people away.

I get it. Me and my team worried about this, too.

But you don’t have to.

There’s no value in having a lot of leads. These days, it’s a waste of your time and money, especially if you’re selling high-ticket, high-value products to a sophisticated audience.

Qualified leads is all you need, and this process helps you filter everyone else out.

Remember, we’ve seen huge success since implementing this:

  • Our conversion rate is now up to 40% (from 15-20%)
  • We’re having more touch-points with the right people, building massive trust.
  • Our show-up rates have risen from 50% to 90% (in less then two months).
  • We have shortened the sales-process to an average of under 48 hours.

We’re not the only ones, because our members inside The Relevancy Engine are seeing the same.

Here’s what a few of them have to say about life inside one of our programs…

There’s this… which we got just the other day …

In just a few days, this member scheduled 12 sales calls and hit their monthly target (in a few days!!)

The crazy thing is, nobody on the team was surprised by this, because we keep getting messages like this from our members every single week 🙂

So if you’re still reading this, I hope you see the value in focussing ONLY on qualified leads.

This is the process we take, and it’s one I’m sure will help you level-up your business.

But I also know that progress comes with action, NOT just learning. So if you want guidance from expert mentors who have been there and done it many times before, and you believe you’re ready to work with us inside The Relevancy Engine, arrange a 15-minute call >>

The R.O.I. Method: The 6 Figure Entrepreneur’s Guide To Exponential Growth in Business

Fill in an application, and if we think you’re a good fit for one our transformational programs, we’ll jump on a call to see how we can help transform your business in the next 90 days…

Four Frameworks

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The 21 Laws Of Scaling A Profitable Business

I discovered 21 principles Entrepreneurs can use to scale their businesses with alignment and harmony…

If you’re an expert, author, course creator, coach, mentor or service provider making between $10-500k/mo, you are exactly who I made this for…

And I guarantee you’ll find at least 3 things that you can use today that will open you to possibilities for freedom and profit you’ve never considered until now.

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