Entrepreneurial Mindset: Why All Entrepreneurs Need Therapy

One of the biggest growth hacks I’ve ever come across is… therapy!

It’s changed my life, not just personally… but how I approach business, too.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, and I’ve come to the conclusion that EVERY single entrepreneur needs therapy. It’s as important to our growth as having a mentor or

 is, or a financial advisor.

Your entrepreneurial mindset decides so much of your success.

But you only know what you know, and you base so many of your decisions on beliefs and “truths” that you formed as an infant. They rule you, but you have no idea. Until one day you do, and… BOOM!

Life is never the same…

But look, this is hard. The idea of getting therapy is hard. I resisted it for a long time.

  • Worried about being weak…
  • Worried what other people would think…
  • Worried about what I would find…

This last one is the most important barrier. You can come up with all the excuses in the world, but it nearly always comes down to fear: the fear of what you will discover; the fear that maybe, just maybe you don’t have it all figured out.

You have to fight this fear, because you will never fulfill your vision until you upgrade your entrepreneurial mindset. And as good as reading books and going on retreats is, you need an outside perspective to fast track your growth.

This is where therapy comes in…

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For The Last Year, I’ve Gone DEEP into therapy.

I’ve faced my past, questioned my beliefs and thought about what I want in the future.

I’ve learned a lot about ME, those around me and the human race as a whole…

But one of the most interesting things I’ve found is the process entrepreneurs tend to go through just so they can feel significant and successful.

This is how it tends to look:

  • You start fast and hustle hard, excited and desperate to build momentum…
  • And you build it… you grow.,.. you scale…
  • But then you get stuck inside the six-figure hamster wheel
  • Here, you lose yourself in all the BS and noise, and lose touch of your identity…
  • You feel low and depressed and more unworthy than ever…
  • (even though you know you’re successful, and you should feel it)

    • So you throw yourself further into your business, and become fixated on it …
    • … placing everything else in your life to one side!


You sabotage relationships and sabotage your health, all so you can achieve more.

The thing is, you become an entrepreneur in the first place so you can feel significant, loved (both for yourself, and from others) and worthy / enough / successful ….

You go from one entrepreneur rollercoaster to another, going through the motions and keeping it all to yourself. On the outside you seem happy and successful, but inside you’re confused and frustrated.

You do not face it. You push it further down. You assume you’re “weird” because you should feel happy, so you push on and hustle harder, and slip into entrepreneurial depression.

You’re surrounded by people all day long, but you feel so fucking lonely!

This is why you need therapy.

Maybe you can relate to this all now, or maybe it’s yet to hit. Either way, unless you do something to overcome this and take charge of it, one day it will come and one day it will hit you hard.

It hit me hard. In the summer of 2017 I hit rock bottom and blew up my business, because I couldn’t keep doing what I was doing. I committed (once and for all) to upgrade my entrepreneurial mindset, and I took a leap of faith to get therapy.

I’m glad I did, because it changed my life.

And this is why…


Therapy Helped Me Realize This ONE Thing…

We DO NOT have Business Problems!

We only ever have WE Problems.

We try and separate business and life, and assume some sort of balance.

There is none. The decisions you make in business mirror how we feel.

So when we face a problem at home, we bring this into our decisions making at work.

and vice versa…

We do this every day. We have no idea we’re doing it. Again, we formed many of these beliefs when we one-year-old. We formed them to cope with stress and things we didn’t understand, and they decide what we do to this day.

  • If you have a fight at home, you bring it into work.
  • If you lost a client at work, your bring that back into your home.
  • If you feel low about YOU (unhealthy, tired, ill), this affects everything in your life.

This all means you have built your business on top of these problems you didn’t even know you had.

  • You don’t charge your true worth, always under valuing your services and products… because you don’t LOVE yourself or feel like you’re enough.
  • You don’t show up in your marketing with a real, raw and evoking message because you lack the confidence (which stems from your time at school).


There’s a reason for it all.

It ALL came from somewhere.

And that somewhere is… YOU!


Want to Grow Your Business? Start with YOU!

If you want to grow outward, you must first grow inward…

You need to upgrade your entrepreneurial mindset.

You need to replace your existing beliefs with new ones.

You need to LET GO of all the shit that’s held you back over the years.

How do you do this… THERAPY!

I know some truly successful entrepreneurs, but I’ve yet to meet one who doesn’t need therapy. Truth is, most of those at the top of their game are having it.

Maybe not the traditional kind you’re used to seeing on TV…

Personally, my therapy is more spiritual than psychological. There’s many approaches but they all carry the same point: You need to speak to someone who will help you speak to the person inside you.

Until you do, you will remain your business’ biggest obstacle to growth.

Once you do, you can upgrade your entrepreneurial mindset and lay the foundations to the business you, your team and those you serve deserve.

It’s the greatest investment I ever made, and it will be for you…

My only regret? that I didn’t overcome my fear a lot sooner. If I did, just imagine where I could be right now.

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