Scaling past $100K/month? 12 things you MUST know

Scaling past $100k/month

It’s not that making money is difficult.

Believing you can make as much money as you want, when you want, is what’s difficult.

For a lot of you, this isn’t relevant since you’re already making far more than $100,000 a month.

For those that aren’t there yet, here’s my code to getting to $100,000 a month quickly.

I’ve done this countless times now… And have helped 100+ do the same…

What Making $100k Will Help You Do?

Here is the truth: Making this amount doesn’t solve that many of your problems or challenges. $100,000 a month is just the minimum required for you to unlock two superpowers:

Freedom and Impact

Many people have freedom, yet impact no one. Many people have impact, yet have no freedom. If you have both? It’s rocket-fuel for your life and DNA.

So why is your income capped below your potential? This is what you are going to discover in this post.

Reason #1: You’re Afraid to Let Go

To get to $100,000 a month you have to delegate, you have to outsource, and you have to let go. You may be “holding on for dear life” to intimate pieces of your business; and in the process, you could be stifling your own growth. At this very moment you could be handling marketing, sales, operations, finance, delivery, support, and much more all at once.

How many jobs are you really doing? By creating your own little “mixture” of jobs within your business, you’re doing a half-ass job of everything. What’s worse, is you keep the broken charade going by lying to yourself, saying, “No one else can do this as well as I can, so I have to do it.”

At least that’s how it feels (most of the time) for those who can’t bring themselves to let go. Put simply… you’re afraid to let go of processes within your business because you don’t trust the result. And further you can no longer delegate tasks, you must delegate outcomes.

Reason #2: You’re Not Using Internal and External Leverage

You need to operate only (and I mean ONLY) within your Zone of Genius. You must delegate and outsource EVERYTHING BUT your Zone of Genius. Delegation allows you to take your super-power and SCALE IT.

Beyond internal leverage, you must also create external leverage in how your product is sold. If this isn’t built into your offering from the start, you have a huge problem on your hands. If what you’re selling involves your time, you’ll lose your ability to scale, grow, and have full clarity.

With this shortcoming in place, your ability to be a true “CEO” will never be realized, or… It allows you to truly fall into being an Entrepreneur and Visionary.

Reason #3: You Don’t Have a Real Business Model

Most folks don’t have a business model until they’ve generated a few million dollars in revenue. In many cases, you found an opportunity and you took it. An opportunist? Yes. A business owner? Maybe not.

If you can’t get ahead a lot of it, is likely due to a business model that can’t be scaled. It doesn’t have any of the internal or external leverage I outlined above. Put plainly… you may need to take a crack at a new business model to properly grow.

This stops many entrepreneurs in their tracks because they are afraid to “tinker with what works.” But if they don’t change their actions, they will be stuck with 10% growth a year. 1000% growth a year will forever be out of reach.

Reason #4: You Still Don’t Have A “Reason”

Once the sharks are off your back; you must have a purpose for what you do. It doesn’t have to be your life’s purpose… just a reason, for right now. For me, it’s helping Entrepreneurs like I wish I could have been helped.

My means of fulfilling this purpose is providing entrepreneurs with the right mentoring and education—eliminating the difficult pieces in the process. As a result of this purpose, I’m creating frameworks, methods, and help for all Entrepreneurs. It’s not my destiny, but it’s part of it. If you don’t have a purpose… you’ll get burnt out.

Further, once you make $25,000 or $50,000 per month, for the most part, your life becomes “good.” You won’t have much incentive to go further without purpose. In truth, whether you’re making $25,000 per month or $250,000 per month, your “lifestyle” doesn’t change much. However, one makes you rich; the other one allows you to “live rich.”

I’d rather be actually rich… so I can make a true impact in the world and have money for my family…

Reason #5: You Are Allergic to Money

Most people I meet are allergic to money… they don’t want any of it. They feel like there’s some built-in responsibility… like money is “dirty” and not for them. Inside they’re saying, “I don’t like money.” In reality, what they’re really saying is that they don’t like the responsibility of FREEDOM. Money buys us FREEDOM and FREEDOM scares us.

Why? When we have money, we can be whoever we want. We aren’t accountable to the same set of rules that the world gives us from birth. Being “rich” allows us to do what we want, whenever we choose, for whatever reason.

If you’re allergic to money, you’re afraid that you’ll become the TRUE version of YOU. You’re also afraid the people around you today won’t like you anymore because of it. Instead, look at FREEDOM as the ability to truly unlock your authentic self. The ability to do what’s true to your heart, whenever you want. It’s okay to have money.

Reason #6: You’re Only Using Your Network and Referrals

You’re going to get nowhere fast using only your network and referrals to drive your business. If you are the ONLY thing that is bringing in new customers and clients, you’re months away from a disaster. Basically, you’re playing the lottery. You need to automate your lead generation.

You must be able to predictably attract new leads, while systematically (and automatically) turning them into customers. The only thing you should be responsible for is hosting a webinar, or taking a sales call (unless you have a salesperson taking the calls). If you’re constantly “hunting things down,” you’ll always be on what I call The 6-Figure Hamster Wheel… or even the 7-Figure Hamster Wheel…

You’re better than that. Automate; so you can attract people in a 1-to-many manner. Remember, 1-to-1 offers are not leveraged.

Reason #7: You’re Trying to Follow A “Blueprint”

If you’re trying to follow someone else’s blueprint… it’s impossible. There is no one-size-fits-all for growing your business. Take inspiration from many places; but don’t forget that what works for someone else, may not work for you. Find mentors and coaches that have done exactly what you want and study them closely. Emulate everything you like and leave out what you don’t.

I’m talking about how you run your operations, your sales, your marketing… and even how you run your life. Just because I run my life a certain way doesn’t mean it’s a blueprint for YOUR definition of success. That’s on you. Don’t simply copy. Rip, and emulate for your own unique model of success.

Reason #8: You’re Living For The Result, Not The Process

If you truly want to succeed, you must become obsessed with the process. You must also separate the process completely from the result. To build a $100,000 a month business… mentally, you have to be comfortable with not achieving what you expect, repeatedly. Falling short of your goals will happen time and again. Surviving these shortcomings requires a large amount of patience from you.

Beating yourself up over goals you didn’t hit, or just feeling disappointed is a shortcut to get nowhere fast. You cannot be attached to the outcome. You must focus on perfecting the process. Let the result become better and better over time. Acting in this way takes the pressure off, and this lets you operate with a better mindset.

Reason #9: You’re Afraid of Growth Because You’re Comfortable

I see the same story, over and over again. Folks complain about not hitting their revenue targets or their goals in general… and yet they do nothing about it. They are so comfortable in their misery that they’re “okay” with life staying how it’s been. After all, it’s NOT THAT BAD. (And it probably isn’t.)

The real problem is this: When your life flashes before you on your deathbed… are you going to regret the comfort you exchanged the best version of your life for?

Reason #10: You Don’t Have An Integrator/ Executor

If you’re a true Entrepreneur… chances are you’re NOT an operator NOR a scaler for your business… You’re great at starting… This means, that if you want to surpass $100,000/month in revenue… Or want to grow even more, a great operator/integrator is needed.

Someone who can take your ideas, your vision, and put it on paper, assemble a team around it, and make it happen. Without this person, you’ll continue to hit roadblock after roadblock…

Reason #11: You’re The ONLY One Generating Sales (Or You Only Have 1 Way of Generating Sales)

I think I may have said this before… However, if you’re the ONLY one generating sales… If you don’t have a way to become the “big” fish in a small pond… If you aren’t relevant inside of your niche… and then becoming the “Coca Cola” of your niche…

If you don’t have a way for phone call applications to happen without you involved. If you are hustling Facebook Groups, your Messenger List, Email Contacts, Networking, or doing whatever it is… If you aren’t finding your perfect clients automatically… You’ll need to clone yourself because attempting to get past $100,000 will take you a LOOOONG time.

Reason #12: You’re not using the 6 Pillars of Business

There are 6 core pillars of business and most Entrepreneurs never look at all of them on a regular basis. This is what my upcoming book, The Nuclear Effect is all about… When you do, you start to see the challenges and opportunities inside of your business.

The exercise is simple, yet extremely effective… And just so has happened to be downloaded over 50,000 times by Entrepreneurs… Simply take: Marketing, Sales, Operations/Team, Mindset, Financials, Delivery… write down all of the core issues every single week…Share with your team…Awareness… Discovery… Take Action… Evolve.

So, Do You Have What it Takes to Scale Past $100,000/Month?

Of course, you do. It’s a combination of the right strategy, the right team, and mindset that when brought together can change your life and the life of everyone around you. And make sure to check the Nuclear Effect \book to help you in the process.

Four Frameworks

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