The 3 Stages of Growing a 7+ Figure Online Business (Lessons and Resources From Helping 100’s Scale Their Online Business)

scaling an online business

Building a business and scaling it is no mean feat.

There are a lot of moving pieces, and we always try to complicate things. 

After building nearly a dozen 7-figure businesses myself and mentoring others to scale their 7-figure businesses, I found out that it’s not about the different tactics that you apply.

It’s all about the mindset and the strategy that you focus on.

The problem is that it differs from one stage to another depending on where your business is at. Remember the saying “What got you here, won’t get you there.”

In this post, we’re going to solve this.

You’ll discover what you need to focus on in each stage and what to change in each stage to go from zero to six figures to seven figures and even to scale beyond seven figures.

I always talk about my Relevancy, Omnipresence, and Intimacy Method to help you scale your business. In this post, you’ll find out which part of this method to focus on and what other pieces of your businesses you need to shift your attention to in each stage.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

Scaling Your Online Business to 6 Figures And Earning 10k/month

6 figure income

When you’re still not earning 10k a month yet from your online business, here are a few things you don’t need to worry about in your business at all:

  • Your marketing funnel and all these cool automations and tools that you could use
  • Productizing your services
  • Having perfect operations
  • Expanding your lifestyle as you earn more income

You need to focus more on the marketing and sales pillars in this stage.

Specifically, it’s more about relevancy and intimacy in this stage. You need to connect with your audience and understand them and try to be the most relevant option for them.

In the process, get more money in the bank so you can reinvest it in the business once you dial in your relevancy and people understand what you do.

This is how I started my business from scratch after I was in debt 7 years ago. 

I just set up meetings with people, listened to them and found out what I could actually help them with, and that’s how I had around quarter-million dollars in contract in less than 60 days.

In this period of time, ignore everything else you hear. Ignore all the shiny tactics and new tools.

Focus on delivering great service, listening to your customer, and connecting with them, and saving the money to reinvest in your business later on.

Most importantly, dial in your relevancy to be the big fish in a small bond, so it becomes much easier to scale your business afterward.

To make it more actionable, here’s what you should do in this stage till you get past 10k/month:

  1. Forget about funnels right now. Your job is to create connections, make offers, and validate your offers.
  2. Find out exactly whom you can serve best, the people who would benefit most from your unique, unfair advantage. In other words, work on your relevancy.
  3. Commit to creating content. I’ve found that the more consistent you are, the better your content gets. And even if you need to exhibit a bit of courage, share it consistently, too. Even if no one is listening right now, it’s okay.
  4. Stop boxing yourself in to what you think you have to sell or offer in order to generate revenue. If you can help solve a problem or fill a gap for someone, but it isn’t the thing you want to sell, consider making custom offers to people while you’re looking to start really getting off the ground. It might be a little bit painful and less efficient, but the money will give you momentum.
  5. Focus on the next ninety days and forget everything else. Your purpose, for now, is to create enough momentum to begin taking long-term views and planning to make your impact.

If you want a more detailed plan on what I would do to reach the 10k/month level, check out the first few chapters of my book, The Nuclear Effect.

And I don’t even need to remind you about the importance of mindset. You can check out posts here about mindset or this guide to help you get your mind right to scale faster in this stage.

Here are the top resources to help you on your quest to have a six-figure business in less time:

But most importantly, you need to understand that getting to six figures is not the holy grail of business success.

So yes, you’ll start getting some success but don’t get fixated on it. Which brings me to…

Scaling Your 6-figures Online Business to 7-figures (Go From 10k/month to 100k/month)

At this stage, you have 1 of 2 issue:

  1. A marketing/sales issue
  2. An operations/delivery/team issue

On your road to building a multi six-figure business, especially at the 30-50k level, you’ll be swinging back and forth between marketing and selling your product, and delivering that product. You still won’t find the right balance between both.

And yes, you can get to multiple six-figure business by doing just launches, but the number one thing you need to focus on at this stage is to become evergreen; you need to have consistent leads coming through your business, so you don’t find yourself constantly having to do launches. 

You don’t have to be 100% evergreen. I launch all the time and I love launching new products; it’s fun. The thing is that my business doesn’t rely on it. I actually have 70% of my revenue from evergreen sources. 

Launches just help me generate fast cash flow that I can reinvest in my business.

So the #1 focus in this stage is to go evergreen and not depend on launches 100% of the time.

The next thing to focus on is diversifying your traffic sources

So if you just used organic and partner traffic to get to 10k a month, now is the time to start experimenting with Facebook ads and ads on other platforms as well. If you already started using Facebook ads, experiment with other platforms.

After that, you need to look at your sales/marketing and try to optimize it. Do you need to hire a salesperson now to help you get more sales? This is the time to start optimizing. 

In the previous stage, you were focused on pitching your offer and getting cash flow and momentum, now is the time to optimize it. Look at your business model and how you could structure your 1-on-1 to be better and more profitable. What tweaks do you need to do to your business model now?

Omnipresence. Omnipresence. Omnipresence.

Omnipresence is what I’m known for, and now is the time to start focusing on it. Should you use it before you reach 6-figures? Yes, but it isn’t essential. Now, it is more important to start developing those connections with your audience and be top of mind.

That is how you create demand, and then you start hiring people because demand is increasing, not because you’re anticipating more work in the future with no hard evidence for it.

So start hiring people to take you out of the parts of your business that you hate, and start focusing on your zone of genius.

I also want you to understand this. Most people can have a 7-figure business… in less than 12 months. I’ve seen many people do it, and you can, too. Focusing on the above things will surely help you, but you need to work on your mindset.

There is no strategy or tactic that will work until you realize that your mindset is what will truly unleash the power within.

So here’s what you should do:

  1. Grab my book, The Nuclear Effect. It’s created for people who want to scale their business beyond 6- & 7-figures. You need to start caring about all of the pillars of your business and not just focus on marketing.
  2. Start focusing on the mindset pillar even more. It’s what will help you reach 7-figures and beyond. No other strategy can help you.
  3. Go evergreen in your marketing. You can’t depend on launches 100% of the time.
  4. Optimize your offer and business model. Now is the time to look at how you structure your offers and how you deliver them. Make sure to read the 39-page guide I created about offers, if you didn’t read it already.
  5. Omnipresence becomes extremely important at this stage. It’ll help you make selling evergreen much easier over the long run.
  6. Start hiring as the demand increases. Hire for the tasks that you’re doing now that you don’t want to do. Focus on what you do best.
  7. Get my guide on mindset, because it’s one of the most important elements of scaling, right now.

Here are other resources/posts to check out to help you in this stage:

  1. 6 Pillars of Business – in case you want a taste before you purchase the book.
  2. TRAINING: The 7 patterns I’ve discovered from scaling 100+ successful online businesses
  4. 21 points to turn $5k months to $25k months
  5. 12 Reasons why you aren’t making at least $100,000/month in your business
  6. 21 Random things you should know about making your first 7-figures

How to Scale Past 7-figures

scale past 7 figures

So now, you’ve already scaled your business to $100k/month or even more. For many people, this is the ultimate goal.

Now you start to have more resources and make enough money to ask yourself the simple question of “What do I want to do?”

And you’ve earned the right to do that. That’s the power of having a 7-figure business. It allows you to have freedom and flexibility. The problem is that many people become trapped in their business or trapped in the success they created.

And the next level here is not necessarily making more money. It’s more about you understanding what you want to do in your business, what do you want to spend your time on a daily and weekly basis. 

Many people get stuck into the growth trap, and they start thinking about how to grow from 100k/mo to 150k/mo to 250k/mo and so on. I was trapped here till I reached 1 million in revenue per month. 

But that didn’t end well.

One day I woke up and I didn’t want any of what I was doing at that stage. I don’t mean that I didn’t want the money, but I didn’t want all the things that came with my business at that time.

And that’s when I shut down my million-dollar business.

If you have a true reason to go after the goal of earning 1 million dollars per month, then go for it, but for most people, it’ll be way too much stress, and they will hate themselves for doing it.

To grow and scale your business past 7 figures, the #1 thing that’s going to block your growth is your mindset. So focus on your mindset, which is closely related to how you treat yourself.

You need self-love. You need to allow yourself to have more success and be okay with it. You need to be okay with failing and not think that you are a loser.

Most of what I do for the people who come to work with me at this level is not ask them to do more work, but to make them look at things differently.

It isn’t “Here are the tactics to implement, and add this marketing funnel to your arsenal,” and so on. Instead, it’s more about looking at what you want to manifest in your life.

At this level, you can get the house that you want, the car that you want, the financial stability that they want, and so on. Now, you have more coming in than you can actually spend; that’s when you start thinking about what exactly you want to do.

The lack of comfort at this stage is about evolving yourself more than it is about evolving your business. Entrepreneurship is the ultimate personal development tool.

And if you want to unleash your growth, you have to get every pillar of your business on point, that is why you need to read The Nuclear Effect. I know your time is valuable at this point, but the book won’t disappoint you.

So to recap, here’s what you should do step-by-step:

  1. Decide what you want to do from now on. Don’t get trapped in the idea of wanting to grow more. If there is a reason for it, go for it; if not, don’t. Decide what you want to do on a daily/weekly basis.
  2. Your mindset is what is going to block your potential for further growth. It is now the most important of the 6 pillars.
  3. Read and reread my book The Nuclear Effect to help you with the 6 pillars you need to unleash your business growth even further, if that’s what you really want.
  4. Realize that you can’t scale something, that can’t be scaled, which means your business model and delivery model, must be secure before you continue. 
  5. Know that you also can’t scale a hamster wheel, which means, if you’ve used organic marketing and pure hustle to get to this stage, unless you fix it, you’re going to burn out– and neither of us want that.

Here are a few more resources/posts to help you at this stage, especially with the mindset part:

  1. Scaling past $100k/month? 12 things you must know
  2. $250k/mo vs $100k/mo
  3. 100 business lessons from helping build over 100 7+ figure businesses
  4. Does scaling feel good?
  5. What they don’t tell you about becoming a seven figure entrepreneur
  6. Problems of entrepreneurship – Why I blew up two 7-figure business in 2017
  7. Entrepreneur Depression
  8. 39 things I’ve discovered while growing multi-million dollar business
  9. 30 things you should know for scaling a $3,000,000/year business
  10. 27 things to know when scaling a  business past $200k/month

The Truth About Scaling From Zero to A Multi 7-figure Business

7 figures

I helped hundreds of people to scale their business. You can check here, here, here, and here for some recent testimonials. 

At every stage there are different things that you need to focus on.

You already discovered what I found to work from my experience building multiple-multi 7-figure businesses and also mentoring hundreds of others to scale their business.

You too can scale your business past 7-figures.

The key is to focus on the right things to do in each stage and ignore all the shiny tactics that people are talking about. Focus on you, your mindset, and the 6 pillars of your business. That’s why you should grab the book The Nuclear Effect.

And if you struggle to nail your marketing and sales process, then check out this in-depth guide with cool resources to help you implement the ROI method to scale your business past 7-figures.

Having a multi 7-figure business shouldn’t be just a dream. Achieving that dream is when you also achieve true freedom, and that is why I want to help you reach that level.

With the information and resources in this post, you are already more than equipped to achieve it.

Your life will completely change. Waiting for ya on the other side.

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