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2021 & your Ego

It doesn’t matter where you look right now…

If you’re an Entrepreneur, everyone is ready for another year.

No matter if 2020 was an amazing year or something that you’d rather

never do again. 

I want you to be careful of something that happens almost every year for

every Entrepreneur that I meet or mentor. 

What is it? 

Your ego desiring to have a “better” year than “this” year. 

For no other reason than…

You think it should be. 

And a lot of people, like me are going to convince you that you need


Ads, Instagram, Email… everywhere you go, you’re going to find someone

telling you about their 2021, what they are going to do, or what you

should do. 

Truth is, what is good for me, might not be good for you. 

I just caught myself in doing this. 

I almost launched a new workshop in January. 

I was going to try to hit the highest profit for 3 months in 2021. 

In early December, I came across the plan for my 2021. It was in full

alignment with what I wanted. 

Then as I took more time off, I become to get restless. 

Further, I downloaded Clubhouse & started to listen in on other

Entrepreneurs 2021 plans…

Without realizing it, I developed a 2021 and January plan that was

completely out of alignment for what I wanted…

I was going for a revenue goal…

instead of things that actually mattered. 

I was talking about it with my Wife, Libby…

and she reminded me…

“Hey, this doesn’t sound like it did a few weeks ago… what’s up?”

I mediated on it, shortly thereafter.

I realized, I for a moment, fell back into “all or nothing” coupled with

“comparison fatigue”.

I was comparing me vs.

what others were doing.

It’s why I’m typically so diligent with not following what others are

doing. It slipped, so I slipped. 

And I know what happens when this happens.

You make money, not profit.

You hit goals, without happiness.

You become depressed. 

You drift away from alignment and towards disaster. 

So… instead of doing a couple big “launches” in Q1…

I’m just going to continue to do what keeps working for me…

and that’s simply helping people like you :). 


You may not having someone in your life to remind you of this right


So, here it is.

Stay true to yourself.

Forget the comparison or the competition. 

Do what feels right.

And follow your inner compass.

Alignment will always bring treasure island. 

– Scott

Written By Scott Oldford

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