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11 things I want to tell you about launches

I’ve completed hundreds of launches through those clients I’ve mentored
and personally have had over a dozen 7/7+ figure launches, while of
course, operating an evergreen-centric business.

In that time, I’ve learnt how to create stress-free, easy launches.

See, the reason I love launches is that it allows you to birth new
things into the world.

While in the past, launches would be stressful, take for example this,
Skip the Pitch workshop launch.

In total, I’ve spent 14 hours of time building it.
I developed 4+ hours of amazing content that will go into my upcoming
book based on the same topic.
I spent $50,000 on ads.

It’s generated close to $500K in collected revenue, which will likely
turn into even more in the future and my “sequence” of allowing people
to work with me has only been 4 days long.

I wanted to share with you 11 things I’ve learnt from generating tens of
millions through launches and having helped 100’s of 6/7 & 8-figure
Entrepreneurs have launches that have massive profit, aren’t stressful
and are chill.

  1. Launches that are created for simply the reason of making more money,
    has always been out of alignment for me.

Instead, I look at launches as a way to be able to do three core things.

First, it allows me to get something out into the world that is new,
that isn’t there yet. This thing must excite me and has to have a level
of passion.

Second, it allows me to build a system that can be turned evergreen,
shortly thereafter.

I’ve found that if you have a deadline and a thousand people who are
showing up to see the “thing”, you do a better job than if you build
something with a “whenever” deadline.

Third, the energy around a “launch” is just something I enjoy so much
fuels me.

  1. Launches allow you to infuse profitablity and investable cash into
    your business.

A lot of people use launches to be able to show their business profit,
they think, I’ll do two launches a year and that is my revenue and

I don’t love this way of doing business.
If your evergreen marketing and sales isn’t building you enough revenue
and profit to have a business– there is an underlying issue.

See, I look at launches at being able to help fund something.

Sometimes, that is personal.
Sometimes, that’s the business.
Sometimes, it’s the external investments.
Sometimes, it’s for mentors, coaches or education…

It doesn’t matter, however, relying on launches isn’t a great model in
my experience.

For example, in this most recent launch, I’m using 70% of the profit to
future-fund, Modern Business Academy and the development of my business,
with the other 30% being used for out-of-business investments.

  1. There are 3 specific levels of consciousness that go into a truly
    effective launch.

Intuitive — to be able to understand what you want to feel and what you
want others to feel.

Intellectual — to be able to understand the 80/20 of what you need to
do, when you need to do it and how everything should be structured.

Willful — to be able to do what you need to do in order to make the
launch a success.

Live from a single one of these and your launch will be stressful.

Will, without intellect, will make 14 hour days, that don’t need to

Intuitive, without Intellect will make lots of meditations without the
needed attention to directing energy towards your launch.

  1. Launching, if you allow it to be can be an emotional rollercoaster.

From the start “high” to the middle of the launch which feels like
everything won’t work.

Technology breaking…
Ads not working the way you want…

The attitude needed inside of a launch is…
“Everything will happen in perfect time”.

I’m not telling you it’s always that easy.
I’m just telling you the alternative isn’t fun.

  1. Planning the energetics of your launch is really, really important.

That could mean a vacation before and after a launch.
That could mean a daily massage.
That could mean playing video games every evening.
That could mean a million things.

However, self-care during a launch allows you to stay in a relaxed

Relaxation is one of the things we must have during a launch, as it’s
this energy level that ensures abundance.

  1. You’re always going to feel like you can do more…

More ads..
More emails…
More outreach…
More webinars…
More, More, More.

My business choice?
Decide what feels in alignment before you launch and stick to that.

You’re going to feel some scarcity based on a feedback loop of your

However, doing these things can bring you out of integrity with
yourself, which then brings the energetics of the launch away from you.

  1. No matter if the sale happens now, or later, you won.
    If your launching because you want to birth something into the world…

If your launching because you want this to be an evergreen system…

If your launching and you’re doing it for all the right reasons AND you
can release from expectations.

Realize that you’re setting up new customers far into the future.

Bringing sidewalkers into the slow lane.
Slow laners, into the fast lane.
And fast laners to being customers.

  1. A launch has a lot of side benefits, that you may not know about.

Partnerships, you didn’t know were possible.
People who want to work with you 1 on 1.
Attention from those that you may not of had the attention of.

  1. Ensure that you actually learn after each launch.
    As you’re doing the launch…

Have a check list…
What worked? What didn’t?
What felt good? What didn’t?
What would you do again?

This is a great exercise across the entire business, however,
specifically for launches, it allows us to understand what is and isn’t
in alignment.

  1. Know that you continue to get better and better and it becomes
    easier and easier.

I used to spend 5x more time on the launches I had.
I used to spend 5x more time on the sales process.
And probably 10x more time on the delivery.

It wasn’t always like this.
I remember, my first launch in 2015.

$24,000 in sales and I thought it was too good to be true.
One year later in May of 2016, my first $500K launch.
6 months later in October of 2016, my first $1M launch.

Entrepreneurship isn’t a game of one and done.
It’s a game of 1% better, each day.

That’s all for now.
I’ve got a group call with my higher-end Accelerator Entrepreneurs now.

No matter if you’re launch…
Or not.

I wish I knew all of this.
It isn’t the specifics about the launch.
However, the energetics of a launch is what makes or break the success
of it.

  • Scott

Written By Scott Oldford

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