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11 things that make an Entrepreneur freak out…

Hope you had an amazing weekend.

Take a moment:
What are you most grateful for this week?

Once you’re done that…
I wanted to share the 11 Things that will turn
successful 7-Figure Entrepreneur

into a Full-Fledge 7-Year Old within 5 minutes…

Like most adults…

Entrepreneurs are simply over-achieving kids

with bigger bank accounts and amplified emotions 🙂

In my business, I help them grow and most people

think that I can do that because I have some ninja

bag of strategies and tricks.

Maybe it’s that…

Or maybe, it’s because my real job is helping Entrepreneurs evolve who
they ARE and who they BECOME.

Here are 11 things I’ve noticed that will trigger Entrepreneurs, until
they build the tools & have emotional resiliency and the ability to
observe themselves, instead of reacting.

  1. When they don’t hit anywhere close to their goal

Simply put — they set a goal and they didn’t get anywhere near it,
because of it, it hurts their own ego, they become hard on themselves
and typically shut down.

One of two things happen:

Either they set a BIGGER goal for the next month or DON’T set a goal for
the next month.

  1. When they look at their bank account
    and feel like “this is all I have?”

Building a business takes a lot, most Entrepreneurs have less than 90
days of money in the bank.

If you’re growing your business, the chances are, unless you have an
exit, or you don’t grow quickly you aren’t going to be hanging on to
millions of dollars in the bank.

This can feel like imposter syndrome (if you are in the B2B space), or
it can feel like you’ve “done all this work” with nothing to show.

Meanwhile… chances are… you have a LOT to show for it.

Money isn’t the only currency.

  1. When a team member, which helped them build the business is no longer
    a good fit

This person feels like your best friend, they matter to you, letting go
of this person or making them redundant, is difficult because you have a
level of loyalty to them.

They took a chance on me, when I had nothing, you may think.

This is like staying with a girlfriend just because they supported you.

Either they do their job and help you get to the next milestone.

Or you’re screwing both of you.

  1. When someone has disrespected them

It doesn’t matter what it is, if someone disrespects most Entrepreneurs,
they will go on a warpath.

Perhaps it’s a competitor, or someone who just didn’t know the better.

Regardless, disrespect an Entrepreneur… and it’s all over.

  1. When they feel they are trapped inside of their business and can’t
    get out

When businesses scale up, Entrepreneurs typically can feel “trapped”
inside of their business once it’s becoming stable, because, it’s no
longer “fun”.

Money is made in repetition, not innovation (most of the time) and that
can feel like you’re trapped inside of the business.

So, a lot of the time people feel trapped and when they do… they do
crazy things.

Like start new businesses… destroy things… sabotage…

  1. When they feel like someone is trying to tarnish their reputation

Entrepreneurs value their reputation, A LOT.

Even more, if they have a personal brand.

If you ever want to see someone have a breakdown, see an Entrepreneur
have their reputation tarnished by something or someone.

They will freak out.

Thankfully, most people don’t remember past 7-days, so it truly doesn’t

However, it is a lesson–

If someone knew what you were doing right this moment, would they be
proud of you?

Are you proud of you?

  1. When someone on their team messes something up that they feel they
    would never do

Your team just sent an email to the wrong segment,

your facebook team just spend $1,000 on the wrong ad set

and a customer didn’t get a phone call they were suppose too.

When you’re scaling, it’s impossible for you not to have mistakes.

Growing takes a lot of mistakes.

And just because you wouldn’t do it, other’s may.

Most Entrepreneurs want to put their hands up and fire their entire team
at this point.

  1. When their marketing and sales simply doesn’t work “as seen in
    Facebook Ads”

Ever see an Entrepreneur lose their mind when their marketing doesn’t
work like it’s seen on Facebook Ads… or their competitors…

People compare how well they are doing, connected directly to how their
marketing is working…

And people feel like they’ll put up a Facebook Ad and all of their
problems will be fixed…


You have to try new angles, new things, innovate, iterate.

This is the same as how Porn has distorted reality of what Sex is really

  1. When their operations and processes doesn’t work as well as a Fortune
    100 company

“Why can’t it just work”

Because… everytime you grow, you break things.

“Why can’t it be simple”

Because… if it was, anyone would do it.

Your operations, processes and internals of your business will continue
to break, over and over again.

If they don’t — your business is broken, because it’s dying, not

  1. When they feel insignificant, or not important

Entrepreneurs, a lot of the time are driven by significance, or the act
of feeling important.

In order to be a business owner, this cannot be present.

However, fast-acting Entrepreneurs are driven, largely because deep down
they are trying to prove something to themselves.

For me, it’s been like that for my entire life.

Well, if someone doesn’t feel important, as an Entrepreneur.

They’ll start freaking out.

  1. When they pay their bills each and every month

Don’t talk to Entrepreneurs on the day when they pay all of their bills.

They are a mess.

They check their bank account 4 times, they start freaking out, they
start losing their mind.

They think they are failing.

Of course, if they had proper projections, financial controls and
understanding, this wouldn’t happen.

Because your bank account, isn’t what you’re really using to run your

Or at least it isn’t.


There are plenty of others…

However, what you should remember is this…

Entrepreneurs, people like you and me.

Are just little kids, who are doing this “adult” thing…

And at any given moment, we can freak out.

And it’s okay.

There’s something that’s driving us to what we’re doing in the world.

What I’ve found is…

The more successful you are (and happy)

The more you don’t sweat the little things.

The less you react to the outside the world.

The more you trust the universe.

And you play like a 7-year old.

Instead of freaking out like one 🙂

  • Scott

Written By Scott Oldford

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